Stop Smoking

Giving up smoking is difficult and requires huge amounts of willpower.

Most smokers dream of parting ways with cigarettes, even if they don’t openly admit it. Quitting smoking will not only prevent you from premature death and cancer, but will also allow you to save up to 2,000 pounds a year.
Cigarette smoking is the most underestimated addiction because – unlike other habit-forming behaviours – it does not cause adverse emotional and social effects. However, studies have shown that smoking is much more damaging than alcoholism.

Addiction to nicotine develops very quickly, and unfortunately it is permanent. This is associated with a release of dopamine accompanying cigarette smoking, which strongly stimulates the activity of the dopaminergic system. Since regular modifications of the normal activity of brain centres affect many neuronal functions such as memory and emotion, nicotine withdrawal causes a whole lot of negative withdrawal symptoms – restlessness, drowsiness, and even depression.

Recent studies have shown that the level of addiction can depend on genetic factors. Biologically predisposed people become addicted more quickly, and it is much harder for them to stop smoking.

In order to check whether you are addicted to nicotine, try to think if you experience at least three of the following reactions:

  • A strong urge to have a cigarette
  • A history of many failed attempts at quitting smoking
  • Smoking despite your family’s and friends’ disapproval
  • Aggression towards people pointing out the negative consequences of smoking
  • The emergence of withdrawal symptoms when not smoking for a longer time
  • Increased tolerance to nicotine, constantly growing number of cigarettes smoked a day

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You might find some consolation in the fact that nicotine induces mainly the state of psychological dependence, so it is possible to break the habit without being hospitalised. Unfortunately, even after quitting smoking the desire to reach for a cigarette may reappear at any time, which is why without a proper attitude the pharmacological treatment will not achieve much.

Yes , there are people who stopped smoking once and for all due to a spontaneous decision, but in the case of strong addiction, it is almost impossible to achieve. Fortunately, there exists an innovative pharmaceutical preparation which is the most effective ally in the fight against nicotine addiction. It is the first real cure for smoking which does not contain nicotine or other stimulants. Champix is a carefully formulated drug developed in collaboration with the best pharmacists and chemists in the world. It is available by prescription only, and the therapy should last at least 12 weeks. If you do not have access to other types of medical care, you can order Champix through our website. We offer a free online consultation with a doctor. Our specialist will assess the level of your addiction, provide necessary guidance, and instruct you how to dose the treatment. After the prescription has been issued, it will be filled by a London-based pharmacy, and then sent to the address specified by the customer.

The consequences of smoking

Cigarette smoking shortens life by about 20 years. Nicotine addiction takes a heavy toll year by year – more than 650,000 smokers die in Europe alone due to the effects of nicotine addiction. The main causes of these deaths are cancer and venous-arterial thrombosis. Few smokers realise that their addiction is not only their problem. Smoking among friends and family exposes our loved ones people to the lethal effects of passive smoking. Many experts believe that second-hand smoke is even more harmful because then you are inhaling mainly carcinogenic tar products.

Regular inhalation of cigarette smoke may cause not only lung cancer, but also cancer of the larynx, oesophagus, bladder, stomach, cervix, or penis. In addition, it contributes to atherosclerosis, peptic ulcer disease, cataracts, or even infertility. Women smokers may be interested in the fact that smoking is destructive to the skin, which becomes grey, anoxic, and ages twice as fast.

Men might be repelled by the risk of impotence associated with smoking. The substances present in the cigarette and the smoke penetrate into the bloodstream and cause many pathological changes, e.g. they lower blood pressure, which is essential to the appearance of an erection. Due to inadequate blood flow to the penis, the erection is weaker, or even absent. In addition, there might occur damage to the endothelium, which is responsible for the production of nitric oxide acting as an erectile activator. This results in a reduced secretion of cGMP, which is responsible for relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis, and dilation of blood vessels. When there is no relaxation of penile muscles, blood vessels are narrowed, which reduces the volume of blood filling the penis. All these irregularities directly translate into a loss of, or inability to maintain an erection.

The composition of tobacco smoke

The content of cigarette smoke is so complex that it is impossible to present a full qualitative composition. Studies have shown that it contains over 4,000 chemicals. As you might guess, none of them are healthy – on the contrary, they are slowly destroying the body from the inside. The major components of smoke, which are present in the highest concentration, are:

  • Nicotine – an intoxicant which takes the form of an oily liquid. It not only has a stimulant effect, but also an neurotoxic influence on the ganglia. It has been shown that it is much more harmful than many illegal addictive substances. Nicotine not only causes cardiovascular disease, but also contributes to the development of cancer;
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) – a gas that results in permanent hypoxia of the body. It is a product of incomplete oxidation. It is strongly bound to red blood cells, which inhibits the transport of oxygen to the main organs and tissues of the body;
  • Nitrosamines – organic compounds exhibiting potent carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, and embryotoxic activity;
  • Hydrogen cyanide – cyanide is an extremely dangerous poison which can cause death in just a few seconds in a dose of 50-60 mg. Cigarette smoking is the process of slow, but relentless poisoning of the body which ultimately leads to death;
  • Mercury – mercury vapour is highly toxic to the central nervous system. It causes severe seizures and memory impairment;
  • Lead – a strong poison completely disrupting the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Cadmium – induces emphysema and cancer. Even after the cessation of smoking, its biological half-life in the body lasts up to 10 years;
  • Phenol – due to its acid-like effect on the mucous membranes, it is an extremely dangerous chemical. This substance is very toxic to the nervous system.

Some of these compounds can be observed visually on the hands or teeth of a smoker. Unfortunately, most of them are deposited in the lungs, bronchi, kidneys, and liver, which they might never have a chance to leave.

How to stop smoking successfully?

Quitting smoking may seem to be easy – all it takes is to stop doing that – however, anyone who has ever been addicted to nicotine, and tried not to reach for the next cigarette, knows what an arduous task it is. The body deprived of its fixed portion of the intoxicating substance it grew accustomed to demands its presence by inducing unpleasant symptoms such as increased appetite, mood swings, insomnia, ill temper, and depression.
That’s why many people who want to start an effective fight against their addiction resort to preparations available in pharmacies which assist in quitting smoking. You can choose between different types of tablets, transdermal patches, and chewing gum with nicotine. Some companies offer electronic cigarettes which contain a smaller amount of the harmful substances. Unfortunately, all of these measures contain nicotine. It’s hard to break the addiction if you continue to provide the body with the substance which is the driving force behind the disease.

The only nicotine-free treatment which affords the best chance of quitting smoking, and whose effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical trials, is Champix. This preparation does not contain any addictive substance, and its effects are long-term.

Naturally, the requisite elements that must accompany your battle with nicotine are perseverance, strong will, and the support of your loved ones.
The first step to quitting smoking is making a resolute decision to kick the habit. Researchers from University College London have analysed the cases of more than 2,000 people. The results have shown that the decision to stop smoking should be spontaneous, because then the chances of achieving success are twice as high. Next, you should remove all the cigarettes from your home, and thoroughly ventilate the apartment. If you experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or bad mood, turn your attention towards physical activity, which is very helpful in quitting smoking. Exercise helps get rid of stress and tension, as during workout hormones of happiness – endorphins and serotonin – are released, which improves the mood and eliminates depressive thoughts.

Can I buy Champix online?

As has been demonstrated in clinical trials, Champix is an effective treatment that allows you to stop smoking once and for all. It is the first medication of this kind that does not contain nicotine, and which makes it possible to start fighting the addiction from the very first days of the treatment. Champix is available by prescription only; however, we understand that it is not always possible to see a doctor. In such situations, ordering medicines online proves to be a great option. Our online clinic also has this innovative treatment on offer. When ordering, you are required to complete the medical questionnaire which is a substitute for a medical consultation. Our doctor will examine your case and decide whether you need to use Champix to stop smoking. If no contraindications are found, a prescription will be issued and automatically filled by a pharmacy of our recommendation. All medications are shipped well-protected in discrete packaging, at no extra charge. The courier company cooperating with our clinic undertakes to deliver the packages within 24-48 hours.