The Condyline solution is clinically proven extremely effective medication for genital wart.

The active component of the solution penetrates the warts leading to the necrosis of their cells, which prevents further development.

  • Condyline is one of the fastest pharmacological methods of genital wart treatment.
  • The results of Condyline have been scientifically proven in many clinical trials.
  • The treatment is frequently available under the name – Condylox, which works in a similar to Warticon way
  • Condyline 0,5% solution is available to order in 3.5 ml containers

What are the benefits of the Condyline solution treatment?

The solution is applied onto the skin. The results are possible thanks to podophyllotoxin component, which is extracted from the roots of Podophyllum plants species in the Berberidaceae family. It is applied directly onto the areas infected by genital wart. The component penetrates the warts tissue and limits the process of cell division, the mechanism that has not been fully understood yet. The regular application results in a complete necrosis of wart cells and their replacement with new healthy cells.

What is the podophyllotoxin?

Podophyllotoxin is a plant extract with an antimiotic activity, which has not been fully understood yet. This strong property induces to necrosis of epithelial cells. This active component is prepared from the coniferous plants, such as junipers and Berberidaceae plants. Podophyllotoxin has been proven to be much more effective topical component than podophyllin – used before the podophyllotoxin discovery. Podophyllotoxin is used to treat anogenital as well as other warts occurring among both men and women. There are no known interactions with other medicines. The only noted medical contraindication is sensitivity to this plant extract. Among the observed side effects of the treatment the most frequently occurring is the skin irritation, often followed by itching, slight pain, acorn and foreskin inflammation or epithelium ulceration caused by dying out tissue of warts and surrounding area.

How does the Codyline solution treatment work?

The Codyline solution penetrates the warts tissue. The active component of the solution affects the warts and triggers the antimiotic mechanism. This leads to the necrosis of the wart tissue, which stops the cell division process. The regular application results in a complete necrosis of wart cells and their replacement with new healthy cells.

Who is suitable to use the Codyline?

The condyline is suitable for adult men and women suffering from genital warts. It is not intended for treating warts among children.

Who is not suitable to order the Codyline treatment?

Condyline is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people allergic to the podophyllotoxin, the active component of medicine.

The application of Codyline:

  • Codyline is a topical solution, which should be applied twice a day (in the mornings and evenings) onto the warts for 3 days
  • The affected areas needs to be cleansed with water and soap, and left to dry out before application of the solution
  • Codyline should be applied onto each wart with a special applicator and left to dry out (do not rub it off)
  • Remember to always wash your hands afterwards
  • If after a 3-day treatment there is no visible improvement, a doctor may order another treatments for a 5-week period
  • If there is still no improvement after the 5 weeks of treatment a patient should discuss with a doctor a different course of medication.

Does the Condyline treatment involve side effects?

Medicines can always affect patients differently; therefore side effects may or may not occur depending on individual cases. The most frequent side effect occurring during the application of Codyline solution is the irritation of the targeted areas. In case any alarming symptoms occur, you should immediately notify a doctor or pharmacist.

How can I order the Condyline treatment via Internet?

The Codyline solution treatment may be ordered via our site. First a consultation form needs to be filled in, which is the condition for purchasing Codyline solution. Information provided in this form is protected by the Polish act concerning the personal data protection and won’t be disclosed or passed to any data-collecting institutions. Unless the doctor notices some medical contraindications, your order will be processed and dispatched.