Aldara (imiquimod) cream is a very effective drugs used to treat local symptoms of genital warts. The use of treatment does not affect the HPV virus (which is responsible for typical warts) directly, but it modifies immunological response and makes the organism eliminate the warts.

  • Aldara cream should be used 3 times a week
  • Aldara provides instant relief to irritated skin
  • external application minimizes the risk of side effects
  • imiquimod is the active ingredient of the cream

What are the benefits of using Aldara cream?

Aldara cream contains an active ingredient called imiquimod which is an immunological modulator. The cream is used in therapy of the types of skin changes:

  • genital warts
  • surface neoplasm-like changes
  • actinic keratosis / senile keratosis

Aldara cream stimulates the organism to protect against the virus. By using the cream in accordance to the instructions, you can treat even advanced forms of genital warts in less than 16 weeks.

What is the action of Aldara cream?

Imiquimod in Aldara cream is a substance stimulating natural body defense mechanisms. The researches confirmed that the use of Aldara is effective, because it releases natural body defense substances (cytokines) through its binding to immune cells in skin. These substances include alpha-interferon which is especially important.

The alpha-interferon and other cytokine action helps the immune system and fights the viral infections, thus inhibiting the virus replications in cells. Interferon also blocks improper or neoplasmatic cells. Because of that, aldara cream may be successfully used in treating genital warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Aldara cream stimulates the body to defend against the virus.

The application of the cream with accordance to the instructions may heal even the advanced forms of congenital warts during a short-term therapy.

Who should not use Aldara cream?

There generaly not contraindications. The product may be used by both men and women. However, you should not use the treatment on open wounds.

When is it not advised to use Aldara?

Aldara cream should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. What is more, the cream should not be used in cases of:

  • children
  • patients suffering from genital warts located inside sexual organs or in the anus

What is more, the treatments should not be used by people with decreased immunity and people who underwent a transplant recently. The cream should also not be used by uncircumcised men who have warts placed under the foreskin. Patients with open wounds should not use the treatment as well.

What are the recommendations regarding the use of Aldara?

The application of Aldara cream to genital warts in genital areas and around the anus should be done only after carefully washing these areas. The cream should be applied to form thin layers and then rubbed until it gets completely absorbed. It is recommended to use the cream three times a week before sleeping. Aldara should be left on skin for 6 to 10 hours, hence it is best to use it in the evening. The application area should be washed in the morning using mild soap. The treatment is usually continued over the course of 16 weeks after time of which the warts should completely disappear.

In a therapy oriented on destructing the neoplasm-like cells, you should cover cleaned skin in the affected area with an additional 1 cm margin around it and then rub the cream until it gets absorbed. In cases of such changes you should use the cream for 5 times a week before sleeping. The cream should be left on the skin for about 8 hours and then it should be washed with warm water with a mild detergent. The treatment should take at least 12 weeks. After this time you should visit a doctor who will assess the treatment’s progress.

In case of treating actinic keratosis / senile keratosis, the cream should be used 3 times a week. The treatment should be places on cleaned skin and then rubbed until complete absorption. Aldara cream should be left for 8 hours and then washed using mild soap. The treatment should last for at least 4 weeks. After this time you should consult a doctor who will assess the treatment’s progress and will prescribe another therapy if needed, in order to completely treat the symptoms of the disease.

Does Aldara cream cause any side effects?

The potential side effects of using drugs usually are characteristic for a specific patient and thus can differ between patients. Listed below are the most common side effects of using Aldara cream. The most common side effects include:

  • itching, irritation, pain and burning sensation in the area of application
  • blushing or dermatitis in the area affected by the cream
  • desquamation (peeling off) of skin or swelling in the affected area
  • crust in the area of cream application
  • tingling sensation in the affected area
  • decreased or increased skin pigmentation in the affected area. These changes may be permanent
  • hair loss in the area of application
  • headaches
  • flu-like symptoms
  • muscle or joint pains
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • nausea
  • difficult urination or pain during urination in women

The side effects listed above may not include every side effect reported by the producer.

In case of experiencing any of the undesirable side effects, you should visit a doctor or a pharmacist.

Can Aldara cream be purchased over the Internet?

Aldara (imiquoid) cream can be purchased over the Internet through our website. Before placing an order, please fill out the medical consultation form. The information you provide us with are protected by privacy protection act and you do not have to be afraid this data will be transferred to any data-collecting institution. If the physician does not decide otherwise, the order will be sent to execution.