Genital Warts

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease which doesn’t let a person forget about it. Administering proper antiviral drugs allows to get rid of the disease’s efflorescence efficiently.

Genital warts, also known as condylomata acuminata or venereal warts, are one of the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). According to statistical studies almost 50% of the infections progress without any symptoms. However, when the disease’s symptoms become visible with the unaided eye, they form a flesh-coloured or gray growths, usually appearing in the sexual organs’ area.

The available antiviral medicines allow to control and minimize the frequency of efflorescences’ and unaesthetic growths’ occurances. Sadly, there are unable to eliminate the HPV from the organism. This means that the virus would forever remain in the infected person’s body and would be able to cause efflorescence at any moment, even after 15 years latency period. Using appropriate solutions, creams and genital warts’ pills allows an efficient symptomatic treatment. It’s as simple as having the proper antidote in medical chest at home. Using that would make sure the genital warts would stop being such a nightmare.


Warticon (Wartec) - without prescription

Warticon (Wartec) is available as a cream or a solution. The medicine penetrates into the wart tissue and inhibits the proliferation of the infected cells. The therapy including Warticon leads to complete elimination of the warts and allows healthy tissue growth.

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Condyline - without prescription

The Condyline solution is clinically proven extremely effective medication for genital wart. The active component of the solution penetrates the warts leading to the necrosis of their cells, which prevents further development. Condyline is one of the fastest pharmacological methods of genital wart treatment. The results of Condyline have been scientifically proven in many clinical […]

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Aldara - without prescription

Aldara cream (imiquimod) is a very efficient substance used topically to treat genital warts’ symptoms. The cream doesn’t have an effect on the HPV virus itself – which causes the characteristic warts of the disease – but it modifies immunological response and programs the organism to fight the virus.

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What are the Genital warts?

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease for which human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible. In 2010 there were 602 cases of genital warts which is 50% less than in they year before. Incidence proportion was 1.58 for 100’000 people and in 2009 – 3.16. Basing on statistical data it’s hard to assess whether that value means there was an actual drop in number of cases or maybe it’s the effect of the falling number of serological tests. The number of tests performed in 2010 was 131’910 which is only 2% of the tests from 10 years before! That’s why it’s important to be cautious when deciding to have unprotected sex and in case of suspecting an infection, one should have a serological test to check for the presence of the virus – at all costs. Venereal warts are an STD which is found mainly in people between ages of 17 and 33, yet the virus can cause the disease at any age.

People infected with the human papillomavirus should be aware of the fact that the infection can occur even during a single sexual intercourse. This is why in case of suspected genital warts infection it’s absolutely necessary to have a treatment which not only would allow to minimize the risk of severe complications, but would also lower the probability of the transmitting the disease to sexual partners.

What do genital warts cause?

Genital warts are an STD which develops as a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Currently there are over 100 different types of HPV virus which are known and described , 40 of those present a potential to affect sexual organs’ areas.
Nearly 80% of all venereal warts cases are caused by either one of two virus types – HPV-6 or HPV-11. The papillomavirus infection usually takes place during sexual intercourse with a partner carrying a virus. Microscopical abrasions appearing in the sexual organs area during the intercourse make it very easy for the virus to penetrate into the organism. Unfortunately, the virus may remain in its latency stage for several months and an unaware patient might spread it to other people. After the latency stage, the virus count increases in the organism which results in immunological response and symptoms appearing sooner or later. The signs of possible infection appear in two-thirds of cases over the period of 3 months – counting from the moment the virus penetrated into the organism. This is the reason why it’s worth using mainly barrier contraception methods – condoms – which allow to avoid HPV infection, as opposed to the hormonal contraception methods.

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

Even though HPV infection doesn’t cause any pain, mere symptoms of the disease – in form of growths and warts – could be inconvenient for the infected people – mainly due to their location. Typical symptoms of genital warts include:

  • skin lesions – ranging from 1 mm lesions to growths affecting even several square centimeters of the body
  • patients infected with HPV usually complain of several symptoms when presenting the condition history, such as unaesthetic warts, blisters, itching and effusions from bursting blisters
  • there are cases of urinal tract’s blockage or small presence of blood in the urine of people affected by the disease. Such symptoms appear when the warts are located near the urethra’s external ending
  • there is a high probability that people affected from genital warts may also suffer from other sexually transmitted diseases

What is the cause of growths and warts present in people suffering from genital warts?

As the HPV virus may remain in its latency stage for several months, it has enough time to infect the entire organism before the patient would notice any changes. Skin lesions that finally appear are the result of a defensive response of the body which attempts to fight the infection. Unfortunately, so far there is no effective treatment that would allow to completely eliminate the virus from the organism and even after many years there is a chance of a remission.

Is it possible to buy genital warts treatment online?

It’s possible to buy genital warts medications online using our website. The ordering process is very straightforward and completely confidential. However, we expect our future customers to provide honest answers on the consultation survey which is the basis of prescription and executing the order later on. The medications should be delivered to the provided address during 24-48 hours.