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Trimethoprim is the most effective urinary tract infection medicine available. It eliminates the symptoms already within the first 24 hours of treatment.

This treatment is mostly recommended to female patient with a history of recurring urinary tract infections.

  • It treats urinary tract infection,
  • It is effective not only in treating sudden infections, but also as a preventive medication,
  • It resolves the unpleasant symptoms of infection within the first 24 hours of treatment.
  • Available to order in our medical package in 100mg and 200mg doses


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What are the benefits of Trimethoprim treatment?

The Trimethoprim medicine treats the urinary tract infection quickly and resolves its symptoms within the first 24 hours from starting the treatment. It is the most effective non-prescription urinary tract infection medicine available, which not only deals with the infection, but also with its causes. The treatment is not complicated that is why it is used by most of the women suffering from recurring urinary tract infections.

How does Trimethoprim work?

Trimethoprim is an antibiotic which works on bacteria aggregations specifically inhibiting their growth and reproduction. Consequently, it prevents the infection or treats it completely.

Who is suitable for Trimethoprim antibiotic treatment?

The Trimethoprim antibiotic is widely available for any adult woman. Starting the treatment without prior consultation with a specialist is not recommended, however, to pregnant or suspecting to be pregnant women, also to those suffering from kidney disorders or blood diseases. As many medications may interact antagonistically, therefore you should specify and list all the medications you’ve recently been taking in our medical consultation form or on consultation with your doctor.

How to use the Trimethoprim antibiotic?

Trimethoprim is available in our medical service in 100mg and 200mg doses. In order to completely cure the infection, doctors usually prescribe bigger dose to be taken twice a day for two or three weeks. In a preventive treatment 100mg dose is typically used and the whole course takes long time to complete.
The antibiotic should be taken with meals and swallowed with a glass of water.

To get more instructions, please refer to the Package Leaflet of the medicine. During treatment follow all the provided by doctors order and under no circumstances stop the treatment before it is completely finished, otherwise the bacteria may immunize against the medicine.

How can I order the medical service package with the Trimethoprim antibiotic 200mg?

The Trimethoprim antibiotic 200 mg may be ordered and purchased on our site. First, a medical consultation form needs to be filled-in, based on which our doctor may evaluate whether you are suitable for the treatment. The whole process is completely confidential. The prescription will only include information significant to buy the medicine. The prescription is referred to the pharmacy, from which the package is sent to the provided in the form address.

There might me a different manufacturer of the medicine that you’ll receive from the one in the picture, however the mechanism, application and adverse effects are exactly the same.