Cystitis is most often caused by bacterial infection which affects mainly women. A few factors contribute to the occurrence of the infection, but the most important of them is high sexual activity. The pharmaceutical market offers quite a number of medications – both prescription-only and OTCs – which help fight the infection.

Our website offers to all the patients a prescription-only medication, but a very efficient one which allows a very fast elimination of the problem. The patient is just required to fill out a confidential consultation form which can be found on our website, then send it back and one of our doctors will analyse it, write a prescription and send it over to execution. A pharmacy will then send the drug to the patient.


Trimethoprim - without prescription

Trimethoprim is an antibiotic which has been clinically tested and has to be taken orally when treating lower urinary tract infections. The antibiotic may be used both ad hoc in case of an infection (in case of which it brings relief within 24 hours) or in conservative therapy.

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What is the definition of lower Cystitis?

A single woman suffers from lower urinary tract inflammation at least once in a lifetime. The infection is caused by bowel bacteria. Women suffer from this infection more often than men, because female urethra is much shorter and because of that, it is easier for the bacteria to reach the bladder. The symptoms of bladder inflammation are found most often in pregnant women and during menopause, as well as in highly sexually-active women. This kind of infections is usually very mild and taking ordinary painkillers relieves the pain. However, if the symptoms become worse, it is necessary to take antibiotics.

What is the direct cause of Cystitis?

The cystitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, caused by a number of factors. These factors include mainly improper hygiene of genital area, high sexual activity and pregnancy. When it comes to the high sexual activity factor, it is also called “a honeymoon bladder inflammation”. Lower urinary tract inflammation rarely affects women with a catheter, those infected with certain types of parasites and also women who suffer from different STDs.

How can you prevent Cystitis?

The easiest way to prevent an infection is simply to take proper care of your genital hygiene. Another way is to drink a lot of water and urinate directly after a sexual intercourse. It allows to remove any bacteria residue from the urethra – which can build up during an intercourse. Every person who suffered from cystitis should urinate at least every three hours. One should also remember not to use any strongly scented substances in genital areas, as they may cause irritation of sensitive skin, leading to an infection.

How to treat Cystitis?

In case of mild bladder infections antibiotics or any other prescription-only drugs are usually not required. All it usually takes is to drink a bigger amount of water and cranberry juice – they can flush out the bacteria built up in the urethra. In case of major discomfort you can also use painkillers.

It is not advised to have sex during the infection, as it may result in spreading of the infection.

In case of more serious cystitis, patients may decide to try prescription-only medications. It is the prescription-only drugs which not only eliminate the symptoms of the infection, but also remove their causes. Thrimethoprim is one of such drugs. Every person interested in buying this medicine may do so through our website. First, you need to fill out a free and confidential consultation form. Then it will be sent to a physician who will analyse it and assess whether the medication is appropriate for described situation. As soon as the prescription will be written, it will be sent to execution in our pharmacy and finally we will send the medication directly to the patient.