Period Delay

Cyclic hormonal changes that take place in the female body mean that during a few days in a month most women do not have a craving to live life to the full. The lack of comfort caused by bleeding not only creates a risk of experiencing some embarrassing symptoms, but also leads to a drop in the general vitality and a some somatic soreness.

Most women can cope with all the typical symptoms of a period and do their best to organize their time and forms of entertainment not to collide with the hormonal cycle. However, there are situations when many women would like to postpone the beginning of the monthly bleeding. Norethisterone was created having in mind women who do not want to miss a thing. It is a medication which allows you to control the initial moment of bleeding.

period delay

Norethisterone - without prescription

Norethisterone period-delaying tablets contain a synthetic progesterone counterpart of the same name. This substance may function as a component of contraceptive pills, or an autonomous compound. Norethisterone is primarily used in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, painful and irregular menstruation and menopause. Norethisterone is also used in order to postpone the appearance of bleeding, as […]

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Is there a way to delay or postpone the menstruation?

The question above is probably asked by many women every day, but thankfully the answer is positive – yes! The period can be moved in time using a proper hormonal therapy. Norethisterone – which contains a high dose of synthetic progesterone – is one of the best products for delaying a period. Progesterone plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle, because the rapid drop of this hormone level causes the mucosa in the uterus to peel off and it has to be removed from the body during the menstruation. Maintaining a high progesterone level prevents the uterus’ mucosa from peeling off – as a result: the bleeding does not take place and you can freely live your life fully.

How do period delay pills work?

Because the knowledge of human body constantly expands, it is no surprise that scientists found a way to postpone the menstruation bleeding. In order to better understand how do Norethisterone period delay pills work, first you need to be aware of the actual ingredients responsible for this process. Obviously, it is the hormones that are responsible for changes visible in female body. One of them – progesterone – plays a key role in the menstruation cycle. The progesterone level decides whether the endometrium will undergo changes in order to accommodate the embryo’s implantation or if it will peel off. This is the very moment in which synthetic progesterone of Norethisterone plays its role, keeping a stable hormone level during the entirety of the time when you are using the pills. With this method, you can delay the beginning of menstruation even for 14 days.

Does the use of period delay pills cause any kind of risk or health hazard?

Synthetic progesterone in Norethisterone may be used for a short period of time which means that the risk related to its intake is really low. Side effects which may occur are surely less problematic than the sole menstrual bleeding. The most common inconveniences related to the use of Norethisterone pills include headaches, nausea and changes in appetite. However, these effects usually pass after taking 2-3 pills.

Can you buy period delay pills on the Internet?

We have good news for all the women who would like to postpone their menstrual bleeding. Norethisterone can be purchased through our website. First, you need to fill a health form in order to provide our doctors with info that will allow them to decide if synthetic progesterone intake will be safe for you. If the verification of the health form will be successful, then you can expect the parcel delivery the next day after placing the order.

If you use any kind of contraceptive pills, consult a physician who will recommend a way of using contraceptives that will allow you to postpone the day of your menstrual bleeding.