Innovative Xenical capsules are manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals. They have been available in Europe for 15 years, which makes them the most thoroughly tested obesity treatment containing Orlistat.

  • Active ingredient: Orlistat
  • Reducing the absorption of dietary lipids by up to 30%
  • Effectiveness confirmed in clinical trials
  • Dark blue capsules containing 120 mg of the active substance

What are the benefits of using Xenical?

Xenical is the first highly effective obesity treatment containing Orlistat as its active ingredient. It has been used since 1998, and over the years it has helped millions of people overcome this devastating condition. Clinical studies have shown that patients taking the drug for 52 weeks showed a decrease in body weight by as much as 19%, and a reduction of BMI by 27%. These results make Xenical the most effective product for combating obesity. Orlistat reduces the absorption of fats by up to 35%, and in combination with a change in lifestyle, it guarantees complete recovery. Moreover, this treatment induces minimal side effects that can be easily eliminated by means of a low-fat diet.

How does Xenical work?

Xenical tablets contain Orlistat – an enzyme which acts as a negative catalyst of lipases. The inhibition of lipid metabolism results in a reduction in the amount of absorbed fats. This action is responsible for Xenical’s high efficacy in the fight against obesity.
Instead of reducing the appetite, the active substance affects the lipid digestive enzymes found in the stomach and intestines. Negative catalysis of these enzymes stops the breakdown of fats consumed in the diet. As a result of this, over 25% of the fats supplied to the body with food are excreted undigested. This reduction in the amount of absorbed fats causes weight loss.

Who can use Xenical?

Orlistat capsules are intended for adult people suffering from obesity. Patients qualify for this treatment on the basis of their BMI – it should be higher than 27. Another indication that Xenical treatment might be a good idea is the ineffectiveness of other measures aimed at reducing the amount of body fat, such as diets and physical activity. Before beginning to take the tablets, organic causes of obesity such as hypothyroidism should be ruled out.

Who should not use Xenical?

Xenical should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patients who suffer from chronic problems with absorption of food or liver disorders should also refrain from taking these capsules. If the patient has a history of allergic reactions to Orlistat, or any other component of the tablets, this treatment is not recommended for them. Since the tablets can have an effect on the liver, regular liver tests should be performed, and the condition of the gall bladder should be monitored.

How should Xenical be used?

It is recommended to take Xenical pills not more frequently than three times a day. The tablets should be swallowed with meals containing no more than 30% of calories derived from fats. If the given meal does not contain any fat, the dose can be omitted. Xenical reduces the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), which is why in the course of this treatment one should take care of proper supplementation and intake of complex multivitamins. The duration of the treatment is determined by a medical professional, and depends on the individual case of the patient and the degree of their obesity. In order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to combine the pharmacological therapy with a change of diet and regular physical activity.
If the patient is taking medicines containing levothyroxine, there should be at least a 4-hour interval between the adoption of both pharmaceuticals. Do not combine this medication with cyclosporine.
No effects of reasonable amounts of alcohol on the absorption Orlistat have been found.

What are side effects of using Xenical?

Orlistat has undergone many clinical trials, and when it is used according to doctor’s recommendations, it is completely safe for the patient. Since Xenical has an impact on lipid metabolism in the body, some patients may experience mild side effects. The majority of these reactions do not persist beyond the initial stage of the treatment, but in some patients they may be prolonged. Patients have reported such side effects as: oily discharge from the rectum, flatulence, an increased number of bowel movements, oily stools with a visible layer of orange or brown fat. These symptoms are a normal result of blocking the absorption of lipids in the intestines and a confirmation that the treatment is working. If the side effects are severe, you might find relief after reducing the amount of consumed fats. The maximum duration of these symptoms is approximately 3-6 months.
No effect of Xenical on the efficacy of hormonal contraception has been found, so patients using Orlistat do not need to use additional protection for the duration of the treatment.

Can I buy Xenical online?

This obesity treatment is available by prescription only, but it is possible to order it online. This does not, however, eliminate the need for a prescription. When ordering, it is necessary to complete a short health questionnaire, which is a substitute for a medical consultation. After analysing your case, our doctor will determine the necessity of taking Xenical. If no contraindications to your use of these tablets are found, a prescription will be issued, and then the treatment will be automatically released from a pharmacy of our recommendation based in London. All medications are sent in well-protected packaging by express courier delivery and reach the customer within 24-48 hours of placing the order.