Effective weight loss methods are of interest to almost every woman. However, obesity is a much more serious problem than having to lose a few extra pounds, and for most obese people who need to get rid of a colossal amount of accumulated fat, health and life are at stake. Patients suffering from this seemingly trivial condition are either unable to change their eating habits, or their impaired metabolism is as slow as to prevent the burning of adipose tissue. In such cases, it is necessary to resort to pharmacological treatment. One of the most suitable products is called Xenical, and it helps to effectively achieve a healthy weight and reduce the risk of serious diseases.

Over a quarter of the European population is obese, which is defined as a pathological accumulation of body fat. In women, the threshold obesity is a condition in which body fat exceeds 25% of the total body mass, whereas in men the threshold is lower and amounts to 20%. The problem of obesity exacerbates as lifestyle is becoming less and less active, and more and more highly processed foods are consumed. Many experts have begun to refer to extreme overweight as a civilisation disease.

The most common cause of obesity is overeating and providing the body with too much energy, which cannot be processed, so it is accumulated in the body as fat. Overweight is also the result of a complete lack of physical activity. More and more people are spending their free time in front of the TV or computer, in the company of high-calorie snacks and beer.

Obesity can also be caused by genetic factors. Genetic information stored in our genes contains data on physiological processes regulating body weight. Researchers claim that mutations of multiple genes are responsible for the emergence of obesity, mostly genes in charge of regulating the absorption and processing of energy from food, and the metabolic rate.

It has been proven that the use of medications such as antidepressants or corticosteroids increases the risk of obesity. Also, depression itself, or other mood disorders, may contribute to the development of obesity. Such patients tend to perceive eating as their only pleasure in life. In the case of psychological factors, a few meetings with the therapist should help overcome the driving force behind obesity.

A very small percentage of patients manages to defeat the disease on their own. Support from the people around you and a complete change of lifestyle play a crucial role here. The chances of achieving success increase greatly after the inclusion of appropriate pharmacological treatment.

Xenical is most often recommended by specialists as a treatment that affords the best chance of winning the battle with obesity. This formulation reduces the absorption of fats, which results in a lower supply of energy to the body, and consequently the loss of extra pounds. Xenical can be quickly and safely ordered through our online clinic.


Xenical - without prescription

Xenical is currently the greatest achievement of the pharmaceutical world as far as an effective weight-loss solution is concerned. It has gained recognition among a wide range of patients around the world. It reduces the amount of fat absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, which results in a reduction of adipose tissue. Due to a decrease in the amount of energy used for metabolic purposes, the body is made to tap into its energy reserves, which in turn causes weight loss, even in people for whom other methods have not yielded positive results.

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What are the consequences of obesity

Nowadays, obesity is beginning to be treated as an epidemic, which may pose a threat to the civilisation of the developed countries.
The emergence of obesity is correlated with the future appearance of such conditions as: type 2 diabetes, strokes, embolisms, degeneration of the spine and joints, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. Extreme obesity can even cause permanent disability.

Treatment of obesity

Getting rid of obesity requires a lot of strong will, and a complete change of one’s eating habits and lifestyle. The first step to eliminating overweight from your life is the introduction of a properly balanced diet. You should avoid eating fatty and highly-processed meals such as: pizza, fast food, or deep-fried meat. Those should be replaced with a large daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and grilled meat. It is also recommended to drink about 1.5 litres of non-sparkling water a day. Futhermore, your healthy diet must be accompanied by exercise, and other forms of physical activity. At the beginning, it is better to choose light workouts, especially in the case of serious overweight.

If obesity has been a long-term problem, and the patient has repeatedly attempted to burn fat, pharmacological treatment should also be used. Xenical is a product characterised by the highest efficiency. It affects lipid metabolism, which results in a reduced absorption of organic compounds from the digestive system.

In extreme cases of obesity, surgery is required, which involves a partial resection of the stomach, as otherwise it would not be able to shrink on its own.

If you suffer from obesity, then remember that what’s most important is regular and steady weight loss. Excessively hasty loss of body fat may prove to be only temporary, as soon the yo-yo effect will set in. A slow pace of the treatment allows the patient to get used to the new way of life, which results in the fact that after completing the treatment the person continues to embrace the newly-developed habits and routines.

What is Xenical?

It is a pharmaceutical treatment designed to help people suffering from obesity get rid of extra pounds which burden the entire body. Xenical’s active substance is Orlistat – a chemical compound called tetrahydrolipstatin that inhibits the metabolism of the fats consumed. As a result, a large amount of fats supplied in the diet is not absorbed from the intestines, but instead excreted with stools.

A visual effect associated with the treatment is the appearance of orange or brown oil in your faeces. Xenical’s effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular system is neutral.

Is Xenical a suitable form of treatment for me?

Xenical is a pharmaceutical created to support weight loss. It has, however, been designed for patients suffering from severe obesity. In order to see if you qualify for treatment with the use of Xenical, answer these two questions:

  • Is your BMI higher than 27?
  • Have other methods of reducing body fat such as balanced diet and physical activity not yielded the desired results in your case?

If your answer to both of these questions is affirmative, Xenical is exactly what you need. It will help you to reduce weight, but it must be used according to your doctor’s recommendations.

Not all persons are eligible to use Xenical, even if they have been diagnosed with morbid obesity. If you suffer from diabetes, epilepsy, anorexia, or bulimia, you should not take this medicine. The same applies to patients suffering from blood cholesterol disorders, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Can I buy Xenical online?

Technological advancement has made it possible to order medications via the Internet. Nowadays, it is even possible in the case of pharmaceuticals that are only available by prescription. Our online clinic offers the innovative treatment called Xenical, which is an effective weapon in the battle against obesity. However, it is a product available by prescription, so when ordering it is mandatory to take part in a medical consultation. It involves providing honest answers to questions concerning your health. Then one of our specialists assesses the condition of the patient’s health, and whether there are no contraindications to their use of Xenical. If there are no objections, our doctor will issue a prescription, and only after that your account will be charged with the price of the treatment. The prescription will be filled by a pharmacy affiliated with us, and registered in the European Union. Medications are shipped in packaging that ensures safe transportation and discretion. Packages are delivered as priority mail by a courier company. Your order should arrive at the designated address within 1-2 days.