Hair loss

Beside impotence, one of the most distressing ailments affecting middle-aged men is androgenic alopecia.

For the majority of men, hair loss is equivalent to the loss of physical attractiveness. Most patients become depressed, and their self-esteem drops to zero. There are effective methods of improving the effects of balding such as hair loss hair transplants, however, they are very expensive and, most of all, invasive. The development of science made it possible for the pharmaceutical market to welcome an effective hair loss solution, which additionally restores the lost density.

The main cause of androgenic alopecia are genes. This condition usually affects men, so it is also known as male pattern hair loss. Researchers have found that 95% of all cases of hair loss are the result of androgenic alopecia.

The disease usually occurs before the age of 50, but the truth is it can appear at any time, which is also affected by genes. There have been cases of mass hair loss in teenagers. The first symptom is the hairline receding from the temples and forehead of the patient. Unfortunately, the process of going bald does not usually stop there, progressing further until it affects the entire surface of the scalp and causes total hair loss.

Contrary to appearances, this disease also affects women, but in this case it is an anomaly coupled with hirsutism, or increased concentration of testosterone in women. The appearance of androgenic alopecia in women is an alarming signal revealing a disorder in the function of the endocrine system, which in turn may cause many serious diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome or hyperadrenocorticism.

Due to the fact that this condition is associated with hormonal imbalance and hypersensitivity of the body to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a complete and effective medical treatment can be undergone. The most effective pharmaceutical product is Propecia, which not only stops hair loss, but also facilitates hair growth. It is a waste of time to believe in the power of magic ointments and pills of unknown origin. Taking medicines of unspecified composition can have a detrimental effect on health.

Propecia is available in our online clinic’s offer; however, a prescription is required to place an order. To make the situation more convenient for our patients, we began providing them with free online consultations with our doctors. When ordering, the patient is required to fill out a health survey containing basic questions concerning their health. If our doctor confirms the diagnosis, and finds no contraindications to the use of Propecia, the prescription is issued, which is then automatically filled by a pharmacy of our recommendation. The medications are shipped in well-protected and discreet packaging.


Propecia - without prescription

These are innovative oral tablets that are recommended for men suffering from androgenic alopecia. The active ingredient of this treatment is finasteride, which blocks the activity of compounds that contribute to hair loss. The high efficiency of these tablets has been confirmed in clinical trials.

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How does male pattern baldness appear?

Androgenic alopecia is usually caused by a genetically acquired sensitivity to androgen – a chemical compound that is a natural derivative of the male hormone – testosterone. An impaired response to DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, reduces the volume of hair follicles, which results in their malnutrition, and the production process of hair being shortened, or even stopped. Patients diagnosed with abnormal levels of dihydrotestosterone experience increased secretion of sebum by the scalp and a reduction in the development phase of hair. An additional cause of androgenic alopecia is the tension in the muscles of the scalp, which inhibits hair growth.
The exact biological mechanism of this condition has not been discovered, yet. It can occur at any age, but the decline in testosterone levels exacerbates the symptoms of the disease. Androgenic alopecia occurs in women suffering from hormonal disorders, and those who are undergoing menopause, when the level of oestrogens in the body decreases.
However, studies have confirmed a huge impact of genes on hair loss. The inheritance is autosomal dominant, with a variable expression of genes. Androgenic alopecia can be inherited polygenically.

First symptoms of male pattern baldness

A fairly reliable way to find out whether you’re predisposed to androgenic alopecia is taking a look at your father or grandfather. If neither of them enjoys a lush mane, you can be quite sure that this unpleasant condition may affect you, too. The first symptoms of the disease can appear at any time, however the age at which you start to lose hair should be similar to the age when your father’s and grandfather’s baldness began. The visual effect of oversensitivity to androgen is thinning hair and a receding hairline. In order to stop the progression of hair loss, it is crucial to start the treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you do it, the less hair you will lose. Otherwise, the disease will spread to the entire scalp. Your hairline will keep on receding, making the forehead higher and higher. Ultimately, this may even result in complete hair loss.
In women, hair loss begins in the middle of the head, and then takes the form of a total, proportionate thinning of the hair. Quite often patches of skin can be clearly seen through the hair. No female patient has been reported to lose all of her hair as a result of androgenic alopecia, because a reduced concentration of estradiol inhibits this process. Unfortunately, the hair becomes very thin and weak anyway, and over 50% of it falls out.

The treatment of androgenic alopecia

As yet, there exists no treatment that can completely stop hair loss and make the lost hair grow back. In the case of androgenic alopecia, what is crucial is how quickly one reacts to the emergence of this problem. If you notice your hair is thinning, and your hairline is receding, you should immediately begin medical treatment. Propecia is highly recommended for this purpose, as this product’s effectiveness has been confirmed in many clinical trials. What’s more, even after you discontinue to use it, you won’t have to worry about losing hair for a period of up to two years. Propecia not only inhibits hair loss, but it has also made most of the lost hair grow back in more than half of the patients who took part in tests.
The most effective way of treating androgen-induced hair loss is hair transplantation, but this method is not very popular because of its high cost and invasiveness. Many patients use herbs and supplements that stop hair loss, but the effectiveness of such products has not been verified.
The effects of the treatment with the use of Propecia can be further improved by means of head massage which improves blood circulation in hair follicles. You might also want to consider enriching your treatment by rubbing nutrients into the scalp. The most powerful natural hair growth stimulant which improves the condition of hair follicles is black radish juice. Birch and catnip juice, as well as ginseng extract can also be of help.

Buying your treatment online

Propecia is a treatment containing finasteride, which affords patients an opportunity to stop hair loss, or even make hair grow back. It is a professional pharmaceutical comprising a potent active substance, which is why it is available only by prescription. Instead of waiting in a long queue at the clinic, wasting not only time but also money trying to see a doctor, you can take advantage of a much more convenient and faster way of ordering Propecia online. Our clinic offers a free online consultation with a medical specialist. Patients are required to provide complete information about their health and any medications used, even those available without a prescription. If the doctor confirms there are no contraindications to your use of the prescribed drug, a prescription will be issued which will then be promptly filled by a pharmacy affiliated with us. All shipments are sent by express courier service at no extra cost. The products usually arrive at the indicated address within 24-48 hours.