Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Erectile dysfunction affects an increasing amount of men. Statistically, 1 in 5 sexual intercourses does not end satisfactory for the partners because of inadequate erection. Many men consider it not only a physical type of problem, but also an emotional one and can be a source of conflicts or even lead to a couple breaking up.

Thankfully, modern medicine has many new treatments, also those helpful in many cases of erectile dysfunctions.


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Erectile dysfunction – what is that?

Before we start seeking for a solution, first we need to define the problem. What is erectile dysfunction? The most simple definition is inability to reach an erection level that would allow to have an intercourse satisfactory for both partners.

It is important to note that not every erectile dysfunction is the same. Some men experience erectile dysfunctions that completely prevent having sex and some men experience a dysfunction during the intercourse itself.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition which may occur in men of different ages and may be caused by different reasons.

  • Erectile dysfunctions in teenagers and young men

According to experts, young men experience erectile dysfunction mostly because of fear – especially fear of an unwanted pregnancy or improper use of a condom. Many men from this age group state that the moment of putting a condom on is so stressful that before they are able to place a condom on the penis, they lose all the sexual tension which makes the intercourse virtually impossible.

  • Erectile dysfunctions in middle-aged men

The most common causes of impotence in this age group are overworking, stress, new relationships after changing a partner. There were cases diagnosed in which their causes included alcohol, nicotine, diabetes, obesity and use of certain drugs.

  • Erectile dysfunctions in mature men

It may seem that erection problems in mature men are related mainly to age. However, it appears that almost 70% of men past 70 can still find pleasure from successful sex life.
Researches have shown that it is not the age, but the narrowing of blood vessels supplying the penis with blood, that is responsible for impotence in mature men.

A research conducted in 2007 also shows, that in some cases, impotence experienced by older men may be related to the worsening of arteries which supply the brain or the heart. One of the scientists has expressed an opinion published in British Medical Journal, saying that erectile dysfunctions are a manifest of developing vascular disease and may be a warning of heart infarct 2-3 years prior to its occurrence. Of course, if you have problems with erection, it does not necessarily mean that you should be afraid of infarction or other heart problems. Still, older men suffering from erection problems should take care of their health by controlling their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and it is also advised to have some physical activities – appropriate for the age. They should also consider quitting smoking.

A lot of men will probably be surprised that we have not mentioned decreased hormone levels yet. Apparently, erectile dysfunction caused by decrease of hormone levels is actually quite rare and mostly affects men who suffered severe testicle trauma or damage of the brain’s base.
Of course, we cannot exclude that decrease in potency is not caused by lower hormone levels in your case.
If you think that problems with potency in your case are related to a decrease in hormone levels, you should visit a specialized clinic – with professionals who will measure hormone levels in your body.

What is an erection?

Erection is a result of increased blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis which provides it with a stiffness and size desirable for sexual intercourses. An erection occurs mostly as a result of external stimuli, stimulation or through thoughts and images of possible sexual situations.

The signal causing an increase in blood supply is created in the spinal cord which sends strands of sympathetic nerves into reproductive organs. The arteries expand as a result of physical and chemical processes, the pressure inside cavernous bodies increases and blood stays inside them which stiffens the penis.

As you can see, an erection is a complex process, which means that erection processes may have a different genesis which is not easy to diagnose, even by professionals. Even such trivial factors such as fears, fatigue or alcohol may become a cause of erectile dysfunction. We have to state that erection problems often affect smokers, so if you are a smoker – it is recommended to consider quitting.

What are the psychological problems related to the impotence?

Problems with potency which have their psychic validation are a frequent problem, especially in young men. These problems may occur in men who:

  • wake up everyday with a morning erection
  • reach a satisfactory erection during masturbation

Typical symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors include:

  • stress – especially connected to the fear of not satisfying the partner’s needs
  • guilt – in case of adultery
  • lack of sexual desire
  • lack of libido – desire for the opposite sex – which occurs in cases of homosexual men trying to have sex with women
  • depression
  • fatigue

Erectile dysfunctions are often caused by psychic and physical reasons.

What are the physical reasons of erectile dysfunction?

The typical physical reasons of erectile dysfunction include:

  • bad condition of arteries, especially in older men
  • diabetes
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol intake
  • obesity
  • results of medication use – especially hypertensives and antidepressants
  • drug use – i.e. cocaine
  • surgeries on abdominal organs and i.e. prostate

The less frequent physical reasons include:

  • excessive penis veins’ drainage
  • neurological diseases
  • spinal cord or brain damaga
  • excessive production of pituitary hormone – prolactin

What should I do if I experience potency problems?

Potency dysfunction are not only a physical problem, but also an emotional one, as the lack of sexual satisfaction may cause frustration and a range of dysfunctions which affect the quality of the relationship. If you have erection problems, you should never underestimate them and seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should not hide your problems from your partner, because the person may feel neglected or think that lack of sex indicates a deteriorating emotion.

Consultation with a physician should not be a reason for embarrassment, because it may turn out that an accurate diagnosis may help you avoid dangerous conditions. These may not only affect your potency, but also your life in general.

How does a visit to a doctor or therapist look like in cases diagnosed potency problems?

Many men consider a visit to a doctor the last resort and postpone it as long as possible. You should not be afraid of a physician, because it is his duty to eliminate your problem. When you finally reach a doctor’s office, you should tell your doctor about as many details regarding your problem as possible. After conducting an interview, the doctor will start a typical physical examination which will help him diagnose your problem. There is a chance that a doctor will ask you to undergo tests for diabetes or other diseases that may be responsible for your potency problems.

Remember that only an identification of the cause of your impotence will allow to apply an effective therapy.

What are the available ways of treating impotence?

The treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on its causes. In cases of psychic nature of the cause, the most effective treatment will consist of:

  • visiting a sexologist  for indvidual consultation or consultation for a couple
  • counseling conducted by a psychologist or a therapist
  • psychotherapy
  • marriage counseling

In cases of psychic causes of the dysfunction, it is sometimes advised to use potency OTC medications. Thanks to that a partner will regain self esteem and it will help the therapy.

What are the most popular potency drugs?

Oral potency-stimulating products which were introduced to the market in the past 15 years have revolutionized the treatment of the dysfunction. Although the use of these drugs is not advised in every case, properly chosen medications can be taken even by people diagnosed with diabetes.
Sometimes potency-stimulating drugs also alleviate the symptoms in people suffering from neurological problems and back pains.

The choice of potency medications is so big at the moment that even if one of these proves to be ineffective, it is worth to try a different one which will help you gain a desirable erection.
However, it is worth remembering that drugs can cause a number of side effects – apart from positive effects. Because of that, you should read the product’s leaflet/instruction before using it or consult with a physician or a pharmacist. Furthermore, interactions with other medications can also be dangerous.

The most popular potency-treatment medication include:

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Levitra

The medications listed are available in most pharmacies, provided you have a prescription. However, they can be bough in many Internet pharmacies after filling out a proper form. Purchase of this type of medications from an unknown source may result in tragic consequences, as vendors tend to exploit customer, selling counterfeit drugs with no confirmed effectiveness. The details regarding effectiveness and how to buy drugs listed above are available on respective pages on our website.
Remember! Do not buy medications from an unknown source!

What are the other pharmacological methods used for treatment of erection?

The treatment of potency also uses injections which allow a quick erection. This method is not so popular because of the effectiveness of oral drugs. What is more, many patients are not ‘brave’ enough to inject themselves with a drug. The most popular injection-based medications include:

  • Caverjet – the drug causes a loosening of penis’ blood vessels which then become filled with blood causing an erection. The Caverjet’s action takes place 30-60 minutes after the injection. You should not use more than 1 injection per day and not more than 3 injections per week.
  • Alprostadil (MUSE) – medication available as granules placed in the urethra using an applicator. The effect lasts for 30-60 minutes.

The use of medications listed above has to be consulted with a physician in every case.

What are the mechanical aids to help achieve erection?

Apart from pharmaceutical methods, the market contains a lot of helpful gadgets which not only help in achieving a sufficient erection, but also increase the sexual pleasure. The common aids include:

  • Vacuum penile pump

Vacuum pumps consist of a translucent, plastic cylinder tightly closed on side, which is big enough to accommodate an erected penis. The enclosed side contains a duct connected to the vacuum pump. The pressure inside the cylinder is reduced by the vacuum pump’s action, which causes the blood to be sucked inside the penis, leading to an errection.

  • Erection rings

Rings are put on a penis in order to increase its blood supply during the erection. The rings are also used to prolong the sexual intercourse.

  • Penis sleeves

Sleeves are used to stiffen and extend the penis. This solution is not popular among people suffering from potency dysfunctions.

  • Vibrators

Vibrators are rarely recommended by physicians as a form of potency dysfunction treatment. However, it appears that they can prove to be very effective in stimulating the penis to provide a normal sexual function.
As an interesting fact we should add that during a 2006 conference in Vienna, it was stated that vibrators are very effective in helping to achieve ejaculation in cases of patients who suffered from spinal damage. This means they can act as a procreational aid.

Are there surgical methods of dealing with erectile dysfunction?

In the beginning of 1990s there were many hopes and expectations regarding surgical methods of fighting the erectile dysfunction. However, it was proved that few men qualify for such erection-enhancing operations. The most common cases of surgical procedures include:

  • Sealing the venous drainage

It has been already noted above that a small number of people lose their erection because the blood leaves the penis through venous drainage. Sometimes the drainage only occurs in certain sexual positions.

  • Endovascular methods

Brings back the patency (flow) of veins that supply the penis with blood. The elimination of narrowing and draining the vessel’s lumen restores the natural blood flow and full penile function.

  • Penile implants

Implants are often used after an unsuccessful pharmacotherapy. The implants are a highly dependable way of treating potency problems, but there may occur some dysfunction later on. However, in the last few years we have seen an improvement of technology and reliability of the implants being used.


Erectile dysfunctions these days are mostly treatable, but first you have to recognize the causes of the dysfunction. As we mentioned, there are both physical and psychic factors. Many products available on the market (including our pharmacy) allow an effective elimination of problems related to potency dysfunction. However, it is worth remembering that one should consult a doctor or a pharmacist before applying any of the pharmacological therapies. You can also fill a form on our website which will help us determine whether a particular drug would be hazardous for your life or health.