Metformin has gained recognition as the most popular oral anti-diabetic medication. It was created by the medical concern Merck Serono, however, after its patent had expired, due to the vast popularity of the treatment, it became available in numerous generic versions.

Metformin is particularly recommended for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes, and obesity which accompanies this condition.

  • It causes a reduction in body weight
  • It has been used since late 1950s
  • It reduces blood glucose levels
  • It decreases the risk of cancer
  • Active ingredient: 500 mg metformin hydrochloride

What are the benefits of using Metformin?

The biggest advantage of Metformin is its broad spectrum of action, which is used in many branches of pharmacotherapy. On the pharmaceutical market, this medication is the most popular hypoglycaemic formulation, i.e. a substance used to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics. Many patients also notice weight loss, which has a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism in the body.

Clinical tests have shown that Metformin has an anti-cancer effect. So far, the exact mechanism has not been discovered, but scientists suspect that it is related to the stimulation of protein kinase, which is an inhibitor of tumour growth.

How does Metformin work?

The main effect of this medication on the body is inhibition of lipolysis, which results in lower glucose and lipid levels in the blood. Long-term use of Metformin has also be noted to reduce the amount of body fat. The mechanism of its action is based on the reduction of ATP synthesis in a number of tissues and organs of the body, which results in partial blockage of gluconeogenesis in liver cells, and an increase in the concentration of anaerobic glycolysis.

How should Metformin be used?

Metformin is available as tablets containing 500 mg of the active substance – metformin hydrochloride. A pill of such concentration should be taken orally twice a day with meals, or immediately after a meal, unless your doctor recommends otherwise. The product should be complementary to a well-balanced diabetic diet. After about 14 days from the beginning of the treatment, your doctor should check your blood glucose levels, and possibly modify the dosage.

Metformin tablets should not be mixed with alcohol. It is also necessary to refer to the information contained in the patient information leaflet attached to the product.

Even during the treatment, the patient is required to monitor their blood glucose levels.

Who can use Metformin?

This treatment is recommended for patients over 10 years of age with abnormal blood glucose levels due to type 2 diabetes, for whom proper diet and exercise prove insufficient to regulate blood sugar. Metformin is also used in different parts of the world to treat ovarian cysts.

Are there any side effects of using Metformin?

The side effects occur rarely, and are usually mild. The patients most commonly report: gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, vomiting, flatulence, abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. When taking Metformin, it is necessary to control the level of vitamin B12 and folic acid, because the treatment reduces the absorption of these organic compounds. Rare side effects include: skin reactions such as rash or erythema.

The most serious, although very rare, side effect is the so-called lactic acidosis indicating a serious metabolic disorder. This complication usually occurs as a result of acidification of the body by the produced lactate and the accumulated Metformin. An effective solution in this case is haemodialysis which will cleanse the body of the toxic substances.

Who should not use Metformin?

Patients who are hypersensitive to metformin hydrochloride, or to any of the other ingredients, as well as patients suffering from kidney and/or liver failure, or are at a risk of heart attack, should not take Metformin.

The patient is obliged to inform the doctor of any current illnesses and medicines they are taking, even over-the-counter ones. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. Metformin hydrochloride may permeate into breast milk.

If a female patient is planning to become pregnant, she should stop taking Metformin, and begin an insulin therapy. The use of this medication may cause folic acid deficiency, which can have a disastrous impact on the potential foetus.

Metformin must not be combined with: other medications which regulate blood glucose levels, glucocorticoids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antithrombotic preparations. Experts advise caution in the case of simultaneous use of pharmaceuticals comprising: quinidine, ranitidine, vancomycin, or cimetidine.

How can I buy Metformin online?

Most hypoglycaemic products are available for purchase by prescription only. In a situation where a visit to a specialist is inconvenient, or impossible, it is possible to buy Metformin via the Internet. Online clinics such as ours make it possible to have a free online medical consultation with a doctor. After examining the patient’s medical history, our experts will decide whether it is advisable and safe for a given patient to use a specific treatment. All medicines come from a legitimate pharmacy registered in the European Union. The products are shipped in well-protected packaging as priority mail by a courier company. Shipments usually arrive at the specified address within 24-48 hours.