Morning After Pill

When in the mid-twentieth century a breakthrough in gynaecology was achieved, it has completely changed the entire concept of family planning. Hormonal contraception involves delivering to the body a set of artificial hormones, which results in temporary infertility. However, it was soon discovered that not every woman can take advantage of this magic pill. As there was still the problem of unplanned conception to consider when other, less effective methods of contraception failed, scientists went one step further and developed the so-called emergency contraception. It represents the last resort against unwanted pregnancy, but it should not be abused. The “morning after pill” contains a higher dose of hormones. When taken within appropriate time frames after the unfortunate intercourse, it provides significant protection against conception.
If there occurs a risk of conception due to a condom breaking, or failure to use any other form of contraception, you should not panic, and instead try to buy the “morning-after pill.” In order to spare yourself the stress, it is best to purchase emergency contraception beforehand through our online clinic.

Which “morning after pills” are available?
There are many hormonal products on the market which serve the function of the morning-after contraception. Most of these treatments differ mainly in names, whereas their composition and type of active substances remain identical.

On our website, we offer you two clinically-tested hormonal treatments of different composition. The first one, Levonelle, contains 1.5 mg levonorgestrel. It is an Escapelle substitute manufactured by Bayer. It prevents pregnancy up to 72 hours after the intercourse. When taken within 24 hours of the unlucky intercourse, its effectiveness reaches up to 95%. Adoption of this product within 48 hours will reduce its effectiveness to 85 %.

The second treatment is called ellaOne, and it is a new product on the pharmaceutical market. Its innovative character lies in the fact that this product remains effective for up to 120 hours. The woman has as many as five days to take the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Of course, similarly to Levonelle, the effectiveness of the active substance depends on how soon the pill is taken.



Levonelle - without prescription

Levonelle is a morning-after pill which remains effective up to 72 hours after having an unprotected intercourse, or one where contraceptive measures have failed. Its effectiveness within the first 24 hours amounts to 95%; within 48 hours it achieves 85% efficiency; and within 72 hours it is 58% effective.

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ellaOne - without prescription

ellaOne represents the new generation of contraceptive pills which prevent pregnancy up to five days after having unprotected sex. It is characterised by 98% efficiency, and it prevents pregnancy even 72 hours after the intercourse – within this time frame, it works even better than Levonelle.

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Who should use the morning-after pills?

Levonelle and ellaOne are dedicated to women who have had sex without contraception, or whose method of birth control has proved ineffective. You should be at least 18 years of age to use this form of treatment, since the medical knowledge on the impact of levonorgestrel on younger women’s health is thus far limited.

Since in the situation of unplanned conception there is little time for taking the pill whose effectiveness decreases hour by hour, many experts recommend purchasing such measures in advance. In the case of an emergency, the woman can take the pill immediately, thus avoiding the additional stress of having to worry about whether or not she has done it in time.

How do the morning-after pills work?

The morning-after pills are an ad hoc method of preventing pregnancy used in situations where the initially chosen method of contraception has failed, or where no contraception has been used during sexual intercourse. So far, this is the only way to prevent pregnancy after rape, unprotected sex, or use of ineffective contraception. Doctors divide emergency contraception into four categories:

Tablets containing ulipristal acetate – e.g. ellaOne sold in the U.S. under the name ella. In the UK it has been available for sale since 2009. Clinical trials have found the pills to be highly effective up to 5 days (120 hours) after having unprotected sex. Their activity is superior to that of Levonelle pills (containing levonorgestrel).
Levonorgestrel-based pills – the most popular type of emergency contraception which can be taken up to 72 hours after the intercourse, e.g. Levonelle.

Two-component contraceptive pills (oestrogen and progestin) – this method is rarely used, but in certain situation the adoption of a combination of traditional birth control pills can offer up to 75% protection against unwanted pregnancy. Four pills should be taken no longer than 72 hours after the intercourse, and after 12 hours you should take another four pills. The effects are similar to those of ellaOne and Levonelle, but there may be more side effects, mainly headaches and nausea.
The fourth type includes pills containing a low concentration of mifepristone. It is the latest type of emergency contraception. Its advantage is the high efficiency, and the reduction of side effects. Mifepristone pills are currently available only in China, Russia, Vietnam and Armenia.

In the case of post-coital contraception, the most important issue is the interval between swallowing the pills and the unprotected sex. It is, therefore, a good idea to obtain emergency pills beforehand which will make it possible for you to take them within a day of the unfortunate event. On our website, you can buy both Levonelle and ellaOne. Our doctor will help you in choosing the appropriate pills, as well as make sure that there are no medical contraindications to your use of the hormones they contain.

How do ulipristal acetate (ellaOne) and levonorgestrel (Levonelle) work?

Levonelle and ellaOne differ in composition, however both active ingredients are very similar and are highly effective in protecting against unwanted pregnancy. The pills will not work as desired if at the time of swallowing them the woman was already pregnant. The pills do not cause a miscarriage, nor any detrimental effects on the foetus have been discovered. Taking these tablets during pregnancy, however, does not make sense.
Emergency contraceptive pills affect the hormone levels in the body, and act on three different levels, thus providing a multi-faceted prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Ovaries – the pills inhibit ovulation while generating a signal to the body of ovulation taking place.
  • Uterus – they cause a thickening of the mucous layer in the uterus, thus preventing the implantation of the embryo if fertilisation has already taken place.
  • Cervix – the pills affect the density of the mucus produced by the cervix, which causes sperm cells to move more slowly and results in their not being able to reach the ovum.

Which morning-after pills should you choose?

Choosing the appropriate pills depends on a number of individual factors, and hence it is best to seek advice of a professional. It is worth noting that the speed of adoption has the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the morning-after pill, so it is a good idea to purchase emergency contraception beforehand.

Levonelle pills have been present on the pharmaceutical market the longest, thanks to which it has been possible to study them most extensively. They should preferably be taken within 24 hours of the intercourse, as on the next day the efficiency drops from 95% to 85%. In the case of ellaOne, the recommended period of time for taking the pills is longer. The woman has as many as 120 hours for doing that, which is 48 hours more than in the case of Levonelle.

What are the risks of using emergency contraception?

Levonelle and ellaOne pills, whose effects persist, respectively, up to 72 and 120 hours after the intercourse, have been subjected to a great deal of clinical trials before being allowed to be sold, and using them according to your doctor’s recommendations is completely safe. You should, however, remember to always try to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy. The emergency pill should be taken no more than once during the menstrual cycle. Frequent use of the morning-after contraception can have a detrimental effect on the body’s hormonal balance. The morning-after pills are also not recommended for women under 16 years of age.

The use of Levonelle and ellaOne may cause adverse reactions with mild degrees of severity. The most commonly reported side effects are:

  • Headaches, irritation, mood swings
  • Nausea, abdominal pain
  • Bleeding or spotting between periods and the acceleration/deceleration of menstruation

If you notice any alarming symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

How can I be sure that the emergency pill will work?

In order to check whether ellaOne or Levonelle pills have worked, you have to wait until the date of your scheduled menstruation. You should take into account the fact that the use of hormonal contraception may delay menstruation. In such a case, it is best to take a pregnancy test during the scheduled appearance of menstruation, or 14 days after having unprotected sex.

Levonelle and ellaOne are pills that prevent pregnancy, so it is understandable that they will not work if the woman was already pregnant at the time of taking the pill.

How should the morning-after pills be used?

In the case of buying either Levonelle or ellaOne you will find a single pill in the package which you are supposed to take as soon as possible after having sex which might have resulted in conception. Despite the fact that the treatment comes in a single dose, it really is effective, provided the pill has been taken within a proper period of time. It is best to swallow the pill with a glass of water.

All morning-after pills contain a much larger portion of hormones than regular two-component hormonal contraceptive pills, which is why they represent the ultimate solution. You should, however, take proper care in order not to let such situations happen at all, or reduce the risk of their occurrence as much as possible. It is a good idea to select the most effective and safest method of contraception for you and your partner.

If the treatment is used according to the instructions provided in the leaflet, and the doctor’s recommendations are taken into consideration, the risk of unwanted pregnancy decreases to a minimum. Please be aware that drinking St. John’s wort infusions compromises the effectiveness of hormonal contraception, including emergency contraception.

How can I buy morning-after pills online?

Since all morning-after pills contain a loading dose of hormones, they should only be used in special cases. For this reason, these products are available by prescription only. However, a visit to the doctor’s is not always possible, especially if it must take place at such short notice. This is why websites such as ours enable you to quickly purchase emergency contraception, even if you only need it just in case. In order to obtain a prescription for your order, you are required to answer some basic medical questions that will allow our doctor to examine your medical history, and determine if there are any contraindications to your use of the morning-after pills. If our doctor issues a prescription, the treatment will be released from a pharmacy recommended by us, and sent to the address indicated by the patient. The shipments are delivered as priority mail by a courier without any additional fees.