Micronor contraceptive mini-pill is a remarkable alternative to two-component birth control pills which usually contain synthetic oestrogens responsible for the occurrence of a number of side effects.
The active ingredient of Micronor mini-pills – Norethisterone – is a synthetic counterpart of progesterone, which is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

  • Micronor mini-pill is a convenient and effective form of hormonal contraception
  • Micronor can be taken by women over 35 years of age, or those who are breastfeeding
  • The active ingredient of the drug is Norethisterone
  • Micronor mini-pills are available in doses of 35 mg

What are the benefits of using Micronor mini contraceptive pills?

Hormonal contraceptive treatment using Micronor mini-pill allows for effective protection against pregnancy with minimal risk of side effects that often occur in women using two-component birth control pills. Micronor pills – also known under the name of POP (progestin-only pill) – represent a brand new quality in hormonal contraceptive therapy, due to the fact that the manufacturer has reduced the amount of synthetic female hormone counterparts to just one of them – progestin. Thanks to this, mini-pills can be taken by women over 35 years of age. Clinical trials have also confirmed that the pills can be safely used by women with cardiovascular disorders, women smoking cigarettes, and lactating women. Micronor mini contraceptive pills are also recommended to women in the case of whom two-component birth control pills cause an increase in blood pressure.

How do Micronor mini pills work?

The most appropriate moment to begin hormonal contraceptive treatment with the use of Micronor mini-pill is the first day of menstruation, because at that point the hormone levels are so high that the adoption of the first pill offers a high level of contraception from the very first day of use. The use of Micronor pills helps to avoid pregnancy in two ways. Firstly, progestin contained in the pills makes the body receive a signal of the occurrence of ovulation, which results in the process of ovulation being halted. Secondly, Micronor prevents the increase in blood circulation and strengthening of the lining of the uterus, which in the case of fertilisation is a prerequisite for the fertilised egg to become implanted. Lack of adequate conditions for the nesting of egg cells stops pregnancy from developing, even if the eggs has become fertilised. Progestin contained in Micronor pills increases the density of the cervical mucus, thus creating an additional obstacle for sperm.

Who can use Micronor contraceptive mini-pills?

Single-component Micronor birth control pills have been created for adult women. The pills should not be taken by women with a family history of cancer, or women who are suffering from liver diseases, migraines, or vaginal bleeding of undetermined causes. Neither should mini-pills be used by women who are or might be pregnant. Since taking synthetic hormones always entails some risk, while completing the medical consultation form, it is necessary to share all information on the current state of your health and any possible contraindications, or medications taken, that might affect your health.

How should Micronor mini-pill be used?

Unlike two-component pills, Micronor mini-pill (or Noriday, depending on the manufacturer) should be taken throughout the 28-day cycle. Micronor pills are available in a handy calendar-oriented package allowing you to easily determine whether the pills have been already taken on the given day. Mini-pills are a form of contraception designed especially for well-organised women because the tablets should be taken at fixed times, and skipping even one of them significantly reduces the level of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Do Micronor contraceptive mini-pills cause any side effects?

As is the case with most hormonal birth control pills containing synthetic female hormones, Micronor mini-pill may cause side effects in some women. The likelihood of side effects depends primarily on the degree of tolerance to the active ingredient of the tablets. For some women taking Micronor, side effects occur in the initial phase of adoption, but as tolerance to the synthetic progestin increases, these initial side effects should disappear. If the side effects associated with the use of Micronor mini-pill do not subside, or you notice any alarming symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor who will decide whether your use of Micronor mini-pill is safe.
The most commonly reported side effects associated with the use of Micronor mini-pills include:

  • changes in the frequency of menstrual bleeding, or lack of bleeding
  • nausea or vomiting
  • headaches or migraines
  • change in the level of sex drive
  • weight gain
  • breast tenderness
  • rashes
  • depression
  • dizziness

The above-mentioned side effects associated with use of Micronor contraceptive mini-pills may not include all cases reported to the manufacturer, so if you notice any alarming symptoms, you should consult your doctor who will decide whether further use of these tablets is recommended.

Can I buy Micronor mini-pills online?

Micronor contraceptive mini-pills are available on the Internet through our website. Before ordering, you must complete our medical consultation form with relevant information, which will allow our doctor to determine whether Micronor can be safely used by you. If the doctor discovers no contraindications, your order will be forwarded to fulfilment, and the treatment, together with a copy of the prescription, will be delivered in discreet packaging to the designated address within 24-48 hours.