Cerazette contraceptive pills are a type of mini-pills used in hormonal contraception therapy. The mini-pill differs from standard contraceptive pills, as it contains only progestagen and does not contain estrogen.

Why is it worth using Cerazette contraceptive pills?

Cerazette contraceptives are mini-pills used in hormonal contraception therapy. They include only one active ingredient – desogestrel which is a synthetic counterpart of progesterone.

The pill is recommended especially for women who were found to be intolerant to estrogen’s synthetic counterparts. Desogestrel in the pill prevents the release of egg cell which practically prevents the fertilization. The hormone also increases the density of natural mucus which forms another protection against spermatozoa penetration into to the egg. What is more, desogestrel changes the uterine mucosa feautures which prevents the implantation of fertilized eggs. Additionally, desogestrel also decreases the undesirable effects of menstruation.

How does Cerazette prevent the fertilization?

Cerazette works similarly to the majority of contraceptive pills, yet due to its single-ingredient content, it only block the ovulation. The synthetic progesterone counterpart also means that uterine mucosa is not prepared for implantation of the embryo, as its walls are not properly supplied with blood – even a fertilized egg will not be able to develop. What is more, the uterine mucous’ density also increases cervix which forms a barrier that stops spermatozoa.

Who can use Cerazette mini-pills?

Contraceptive mini-pill is to be used by women older than 18 years who would like to have an effective method of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Before beginning the Cerazette therapy, please consult your doctor in order to eliminate the risk of developing side effects.

Who should not use Cerazette mini-pills?

Cerazette should not be used by pregnant women or those suspecting they might be pregnant. What is more, it is not recommended to use Cerazette in case of improper menstrual bleeding. Cerazette is also not recommended for women who suffered from breast cancer, porphyria or are allergic to any of the drug’s ingredients. If there were any allergic reaction during the use of the treatment, you should stop using the pills immediately and consult with your physician or pharmacist.

Does Cerazette cause any side effects?

The use of all treatments may result in potential side effects. This includes using Cerazette. The most common side effects include changes in menstrual bleeding, mood swings, headaches, increased libido and nausea. However, this does not mean that these symptoms are experienced by every women who uses Cerazette. The aforementioned side effects affect only 1% of the women using the drug.

How can I buy Cerazette mini-pills online?

If you would like to buy Cerazette over the Internet, you can do so through our website. First you need to fill out a form which includes all the data necessary for our doctor to determine if the drugs could cause any side effects. Our doctor can prescribe a treatment and send this prescription to order execution in cases of patients who already used Cerazette or can provide a documented recommendation written by another physician.