Are combined contraceptive pills too much of a burden for your body? Contraceptive mini-pills are a perfect solution for all the women who are not recommended to use traditional contraceptive pills.

Contraceptive mini-pills (mini-tablets) are becoming more popular among women who decide to undergo a hormonal contraceptive therapy. Mini-pills are especially popular among women past 35 years of age who are smokers and cannot use traditional contraceptive pills due to the fact they contain estrogen. The risk related to use of mini-pills is much smaller than in case of traditional hormonal therapy, because they have to be administered over the entire 28-day menstruation course which means that the progesterone level remains on the same level. The negative effects can occur because of the progesterone level changes. Cerazette and Micronor are the most popular contraceptive mini-pills and they can be purchased through our website.

Mini-pills were developed for women who value the comfort of their sexual lives the most. It is obvious, that the fear of unwanted pregnancy can take away all of the intimate pleasure. Mini-pills are a type of oral hormonal therapy which is highly effective with minimal amount of side effects. Mini-pills are single-ingredient pills which contain only one synthetic hormone in order to minimize the probability of side effects’ occurrence with the simultaneous maintenance of high protection level. Many women have a wrong idea of the prefix ‘mini’ being the abbreviation of ‘minimal protection against unplanned pregnancy’ offered the pill.

The only difference between a mini-pill and a traditional contraceptive pill is mainly related to the content of the pill. As opposed to dual-ingredient pills recommended for women with unstable periods, mini-pills are prescribed mostly for mature women who often experience estrogen intolerance. contraceptive mini-pills are taken every day of the cycle which means there are no rapid changes in hormone levels which improves the comfort of living



Cerazette - without prescription

Cerazette mini-pill (desogestrel) is a highly effective single-ingredient contraceptive pill. Cerazette mini-pills are recommended mainly for women who experienced oversensitivity to estrogen found in dual-ingredient pills. Cerazette mini-pills should be taken by women older than 35 years, smokers or breast-feeding women. Cerazette should be taken during the entirety of a 28-day menstruation cycle which means that Cerazette users do not experience hormone-related mood swings. Cerazette are one of the few contraceptive pills which completely inhibit the ovulation which makes them as effective as conventional dual-ingredient pills.

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Micronor - without prescription

Micronor contraceptive mini-pill is a ground-breaking solution for all women who experienced side effects while using synthetic estrogen. Micronor pills are also a very good offer for breast-feeding women, smokers and women older than 35 years. Micronor mini-pills should be taken during the entirety of menstrual cycle, without any intermissions between packets.

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12 facts you should know about mini-pill contraceptive

Many women who consider starting a hormonal contraceptive therapy surely heard the term ‘POP’ or ‘contraceptive mini-pill’. Most women fear the information that mini-pills contains a decreased amount of hormones, Having that in mind, we prepared 12 clear points, with a description of all pros and cons considering the use of contraceptive mini-pills.

Fact No 1
Mini-pills or POP contraceptive are not a ‘mini’ version of conventional contraceptive pills or a version containing decreased amount of hormones.

contraceptive mini-pills are a whole different quality and basically it is hard to compare them to ordinary contraceptive pills. The differences between these solutions are major, because contrary to classic contraceptive pills, mini-pills do not contain any estrogen which often causes side effects in women suffering from synthetic estrogen intolerance.

Fact No 2
Mini-pill does not mean ‘mini-contraceptive’ because mini-pills’ effectiveness is not significantly different from dual-ingredient contraceptive pills’.

The idea behind the development of single-ingredient pills by pharmaceutical calls was not very different than the rules set by the creators of dual-ingredient pills. The goal was to achieve the highest possible protection against unwanted pregnancies. The use of mini-pills allows the achievement of satisfactory protection level, provided that the user applies all the recommendations related to the use of mini-pills. You have to be aware that an omission of a mini-pill – similarly to the omission of a dual-ingredient pill – lowers the level of protection.

Fact No 3
Mini-pill’s action is slightly different than dual-ingredient pill’s action.

contraceptive mini-pill protects from unwanted pregnancy, because progesterone it contains leads to thickening of cervical mucus which makes it more difficult for spermatozoa to move near the mature egg cell, thus preventing from fertilization. What is more, progesterone in the mini-pill makes the uterus’ mucosa thinner and less susceptible to implantation of a fertilized egg.
The vast majority of mini-pills does not halt the ovulation process, as opposed to conventional contraceptive pills. However, there are new versions of mini-pills with this ability that start to become available on sale.

Fact No 4
Mini-pills put a lot less strain on the female organism compared to classic dual-ingredient pills.

Clinical trials have confirmed that many side effects experienced while using dual-ingredient contraceptive pills are caused by synthetic estrogen they contain. Mini-pills do not contain synthetic estrogen, but only progesterone. That is why the use of contraceptive mini-pills does not cause any side-effects.

Fact No 5
Contraceptive mini-pills are rarely chosen by women who use hormonal contraceptive.

Mini-pills are still used less frequently than dual-ingredient pills. Statistically, only 1 in 30 women using contraceptive uses mini-pills. This only means that the trust for mini-pills is built slowly and it does not have anything to do with their effectiveness.

Fact No 6
The effectiveness of contraceptive mini-pills is smaller compared to conventional contraceptive pills.

contraceptive mini-pills are characterized by 96-99% efficiency. This means that when compared to dual-ingredient contraceptive pills, there is a slightly decreased effectiveness. However, you have to be aware of the fact that the producers constantly improve the action of mini-pills, having female safety in mind.

Fact No 7
Contraceptive mini-pills do not regulate the menstruation cycle.

Many women choose hormonal contraceptive in order to regulate the menstruation cycle. Progesterone found in mini-pills does not have any regulating effect, but similarly to classic contraceptive pills it does decrease the risk of developing cervical cancer and it also alleviates the symptoms of PMS. At the same time, it does not cause any side effects sometimes experienced in cases of using estrogen-containing pills.

Fact No 8
New generations of mini-pills are being developed, in order to increase their effectiveness to meet the dual-ingredient pills’ level.

Every day, new tests are being conducted in laboratories of leading producers in order to create new types of contraceptive mini-pills – the type whose effectiveness will not be lower than in case of classic contraceptive pills. New generations of mini-pills will surely be able to inhibit the ovulation process.

Fact No 9
Contraceptive mini-pills are an irreplaceable solution for certain groups of women.

There is no denying the fact that having read a classic dual-ingredient pills’ leaflet, you surely notice a long list of contraindications. Having in mind that some women are intollerant to one or more ingredients of traditional contraceptive pills, the contraceptive mini-pills have been developed.

Contraceptive mini-pills are a perfect solution for:

  • breast-feeding women – estrogen found in dual-ingredient pills inhibits the production of milk, in case of mini-pills the production of mother’s milk does not stop
  • smokers – the dual-ingredient pills’ intake combined with nicotine may result in heart infarct or thrombosis. The mni-pill does not creat that kind of risk.
  • women older than 35 years
  • diabetics
  • women who experienced a significant increase in blood pressure when using dual-ingredient pills
  • synthetic estrogen-intolerant
  • chronic migraine sufferers

Can you remember all those lists of women who should not consider usual contraceptive pills – according to the instruction leaflet? The mini-pill is a good alternative for this group of women. Even for those who consider the ordinary pills a bit risky. The group includes:

  • breast-feeding women – estrogen found in dual-ingredient pills inhibits the production of milk, in case of mini-pills the production of mother’s milk does not stop
  • smokers – the dual-ingredient pills’ intake combined with nicotine may result in heart infarct or thrombosis. The mni-pill does not creat that kind of risk.
  • women older than 35 years (35-40 age group)
  • diabetics
  • women who experienced a significant increase in blood pressure when using dual-ingredient pills
  • synthetic estrogen-intolerant
  • extreme migraine sufferers

Fact No 10
The use of contraceptive mini-pills requires a woman to be systematic.

Similarly to dual-ingredient contraceptive pills, the use of mini-pills is connected with systematic, regular use of mini contraceptive, even though modern pills leave a 12-hour margin with regards to usual cycle of intake. The use of mini-pills still requires the person to take them daily, with some consistency regarding the time.

Fact No 11
Mini-pills are not a solution for overweight women.

Mini-pills should not be used by overweight women. Mini-pills should not be used by women weighing more than 105 kg at all. The reason is in these a mini-pills may not protect against pregnancy.

Fact No 12
Mini-pills are obviously not free of drawbacks and may cause side effects.

We would not be completely honest without mentioning that a long-term use of hormonal contraceptive therapy may result in some side effects. Everyday there are tests being conducted to find out potential side effects of synthetic female hormones’ use.

In case case of mini-pills, the side effects are obviously much smaller compared to dual-ingredient contraceptive therapy. The most common side effects of mini-pills’ include:

  • irregular menstruation
  • stoppage of menstruation – this may cause a certain frustration, because many women think that this is a sign of contraceptive not working properly
  • risk of extrauterine pregnancy – the use of mini-pills may cause extrauterine pregnancy. Because of that, if you experience a delay in your period while using mini-pills, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • rash
  • breast tenderness
  • increased risk of cysts being formed in ovaries. If you ever suffered from ovary cyst, you should not use contraceptive mini-pills
  • sometimes women can experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, depressive states and body weight swings

The use of hormonal contraception is sometimes called a sign of maturity showed by its users. However, you should have in mind that the use of contraceptive pills does not protect against STDs. If there is a risk of contracting any of venereal diseases, in addition you should use barrier contraception (condoms).

Similarly to dual-ingredient pills, mini-pills should not be used by women:

  • who suffered from liver cancer in the past
  • who have a family history of breast cancer
  • who have problems with self-discipline
  • who suffered from acute arterial insufficiency

We hope that this article allayed all your doubts regarding the use of contraceptive mini-pills. If you have any questions, feel free to ask using our contact form.