Yasmin is a revolutionary, two-component, monophasic contraceptive pill, which means that each tablet contains the same dose of synthetic sex hormones. As is the case with most contraceptive pills, Yasmin tablets should be taken for 21 days, and then a seven-day break from using them is required.

During the time when the pills are not taken, there may appear withdrawal symptoms similar to a typical menstrual bleeding, however there occurs no ovulation. Convenient packaging divided into consecutive days of the week helps to avoid confusion when taking the pills. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the pills may be compromised when taking other medication or suffering from certain medical conditions.

How do Yasmin contraceptive pills work?

The combination of synthetic female sex hormones contained in Yasmin birth control pills is a completely new benchmark on the market of two-component hormonal pills. Most contraceptive pills contain substances which – in addition to their contraceptive effects – can cause a number of side effects such as skin problems, weight fluctuations, and reduced sex drive. Drospirenone found in Yasmin pills is the first progestogen ever which not only inhibits ovulation, but also prevents the water retention in the body, eliminates seborrhoea, prevents mood fluctuations characteristic of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, and helps with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Who can use Yasmin contraceptive pills?

Yasmin birth control pills are available to women who are at least 18 years of age, and are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Yasmin contraceptive pills meet the demands of patients who appreciate the comfort and safety arising from the use of hormonal birth control pills. On our website, these pills are available for women who are already taking, or have ever taken them, and for those who have been prescribed them by their doctor.

Who should not use Yasmin pills?

Yasmin contraceptive pills should not be taken by women who:

  • are or might be pregnant
  • are breastfeeding
  • have a blood coagulation disorder
  • with arrhythmia or other heart defects
  • with a history of breast cancer
  • with hypertension
  • suffering from complications of diabetes
  • experiencing bleeding of unknown origin
  • diagnosed with porphyria
  • suffering from gallstones
  • with renal impairment

Above we have listed only a few contraindications to the use of Yasmin pills. Completing the medical consultation form found on our website with reliable information will help our doctor determine whether you may take Yasmin without a risk of side effects. The survey is completely confidential and its sole purpose is to serve your good, so try to include all the relevant information concerning your health.

When should I start taking Yasmin pills?

The most appropriate moment to start taking Yasmin pills is the first day of the menstrual cycle (the first day of the period). In such a case, protection against pregnancy sets in immediately, and there is no need to use additional contraception.

Of course, you can also begin to use Yasmin birth control pills at any other time, but then you should be aware that full protection against unwanted pregnancy will appear after about 7 days, and until then it is recommended to use additional contraceptive measures such as condoms.

Like most hormonal contraceptive pills, Yasmin pills should be taken for 21 consecutive days of the cycle, after which it is necessary to have a seven-day break, which in no way reduces the level of protection.

During the seven-day break, there may occur symptoms of withdrawal in the form of bleeding. However, this is not typical menstrual bleeding, as Yasmin prevents ovulation from taking place. The purpose of the bleeding is to cleanse the body of excessive hormones delivered as contraception.

Does Yasmin cause any side effects?

Yasmin hormonal pills may cause undesired side effects if the woman using them suffers from sensitivity to any of the active ingredients of the product. If you experience dizziness, vomiting, breast tenderness, or other worrisome symptoms, you should immediately stop taking the pills and contact your doctor or pharmacist. It is worth noting that Yasmin does not cause water retention in the body, and thus does not contribute to weight gain.

How can I buy Yasmin contraceptive pills online?

Yasmin monophasic birth control pills may be used by adult women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Yasmin can be purchased through our website after filling out the form which is an equivalent for a medical consultation. All information provided by the customer are processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. A properly completed form will allow our doctor to decide whether you can safely take Yasmin birth control pills. If no contraindications are found, the doctor writes a prescription, which is then filled by an accredited pharmacy, and your treatment should reach you within 24-48h.