TriNovum triphasic contraceptive pills take into account all the hormonal changes that occur during the consecutive phases of the menstrual cycle.

The use of TriNovum pills in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations provides 99.9% protection against unwanted pregnancy, which places this product at the forefront of the contraceptive pill market.

  • the varied composition of TriNovum pills takes into account natural fluctuations of hormones in a woman’s body
  • TriNovum pills are usually well tolerated, which is why they very rarely cause adverse side effects
  • TriNovum relieves premenstrual symptoms and helps regulate the menstrual cycle
  • the pills contain Norethisterone (0.5 mg/0.75 mg/1mg) + Ethinylestradiolum (0.035 mg)

What are the benefits of using TriNovum contraceptive pills?

TriNovum contraceptive pills provide almost 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy. The dosage method suggested by the manufacturer makes these pills a convenient and easy-to-use oral contraceptive, which helps to achieve a satisfying quality of sex life. Triphasic birth control pills have a low risk of adverse side effects, because each pill contains a different amount of hormones that take into account the cycle of hormonal changes occurring in a woman’s body. TriNovum pills may also be used by women who want to regulate their menstrual cycle.

How do TriNovum contraceptive pills work?

TriNovum pills are a complex contraceptive method comprising two active ingredients – ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone. These are synthetic versions of the female sex hormones.

During normal menstrual cycle, the hormone levels in the female body are changing. The regulating function of the hormones involved in these changes is to cause ovulation to take place, and later on to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilised ovum. If there is no fertilisation, the hormone levels decrease, which is manifested in menstrual bleeding whose function, in turn, is to cleanse the body of excess hormones.
For the creators and originators of the pill, the understanding of the processes taking place in the female body has become the key to success. Taking the contraceptive pills and the hormones contained therein makes the body receive a signal that ovulation has occurred, which results in the lack of maturation and release of the ovum from the ovaries.

The hormones contained in TriNovum contraceptive pills additionally increase the viscosity of the mucus contained in the cervix, which makes it more difficult for sperm in semen to reach the ovum. The hormones delivered to the body in the pill also change the level of blood supply to the endometrium, thus making the implantation of a fertilised egg impossible.

The use of TriNovum birth control pills makes menstrual bleeding less abundant, more regular and less painful, which is why TriNovum is sometimes prescribed by gynaecologists to women who complain of particularly heavy and painful periods.

Who can use TriNovum contraceptive pills?

TriNovum birth control pills can be taken by adult women who do not display intolerance to synthetic oestrogens. Women who are over 35 years of age, or smoke cigarettes, should share this information with their doctors, because in such cases, birth control pills can lead to the development of dangerous venous clots. Most probably these women will be prescribed progesterone-only pills, e.g. Microgynon or Noriday.

Who should not use TriNovum contraceptive pills?

TriNovum pills should not be used by women:

  • who are or might be pregnant
  • who are breastfeeding
  • who have ever suffered from venous thrombosis, deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
  • diagnosed with blood disorders that increase the risk of blood clots
  • suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus
  • affected by haemolytic-uremic syndrome
  • with a family history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism before the age of 45 – especially in members of immediate family such as parents, brothers, sisters
  • suffering from angina
  • with congenital heart disease
  • with diabetes
  • who are obese
  • diagnosed with gallstones
  • suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation
  • over the age of 50

The above-mentioned conditions may not include all contraindications to the use of TriNovum contraceptive pills, so if you have any questions you are welcome to consult our experts online through our website.

How should TriNovum pills be used?

TriNovum is a triphasic contraceptive pill, which means that each pack contains three types of tablets that should be taken for 21 consecutive days of the menstrual cycle. The packaging designed for a single cycle includes:

  • 7 white tablets (0.035 mg ethinyl estradiol + 0.5 mg norethisterone)
  • 7 light peach colour tablets (0.035 mg ethinyl estradiol + 0.75 mg norethisterone)
  • 7 orange tablets (0.035 mg ethinyl estradiol + 1 mg norethisterone)

TriNovum pills should be taken in the order indicated on the package, starting from the white tablet marked as “1”. It is best to start this contraceptive treatment on the first day of menstrual bleeding, because then the protection against pregnancy appears from the very first day of taking the tablets. After using the entire package, a seven-day break is required, which allows the body to get rid of excess hormones. During this time, bleeding similar to a regular period may occur. After the seven-day break you are supposed to start the next package, and take the pills according to the schedule.

During the time when you are not taking the pills, the level of protection against pregnancy is not reduced, so there is no need to use additional contraception.

Remember that taking contraceptive pills does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so if you happen to have casual sex, you should always encourage your partner to wear a condom.

What should I do if I forget to take the pill?

Contraceptive pills are an effective method of protection against unplanned pregnancy, but you should remember to take the tablets at fixed times. However, if you forget to take one pill, do not panic – just follow the instructions of the manufacturer which contain specific guidelines for such situations.

In the event of omitting one TriNovum contraceptive pill

If you forget, or for any other reasons will not be able to take the next tablet, you should take the missed dose as soon as you remember, and then continue to take the consecutive tablets from the package as originally scheduled. Contraceptive protection in the case of omitting a single pill will be maintained, and there will be no need for additional contraception.

In the event of omitting two or more TriNovum contraceptive pills

If you have missed two or more birth control pills, then you must be aware of the fact that protection against unwanted pregnancy will not be effective, so together your partner and/or yourself should use additional contraceptive measures. In order to regain a sufficient level of protection, take the last tablet you forgot as soon as possible, and then continue with the treatment as originally scheduled. The contraceptive effect and protection against pregnancy should be back at the end of seven days from the start of the regular adoption of the pills.

If during the period of reduced protection you happened to have an intercourse without additional contraception, then you may need to use the “morning-after pill”. If you suspect that as a result of such an intercourse you might have become pregnant, contact your doctor who will prescribe the right type of the “morning-after pill”.

If you have missed more than two pills, and there is less than seven tablets left in the package, you should finish taking the tablets from the blister pack, and then start a new pack without having a seven-day break.

If after the omission of two or more pills there are seven or more pills left in the package, you should finish the package, and then have a seven-day break.
If you have any queries concerning forgetting to take your pills, please contact us using the consultation form, or call our helpline, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Does using TriNovum pills cause any side effects?

Hormonal contraceptive treatment always carries the risk of side effects, because everyone’s body reacts individually to synthetic hormones.

Below you will find a list of the most commonly reported side effects, which does not mean that any of them will affect every woman taking TriNovum contraceptive pills.

The use of TriNovum contraceptive pills may cause the following side effects:

  • nausea or vomiting
  • headaches
  • breast tenderness
  • changes in body weight
  • candidiasis, candida
  • changes in menstrual bleeding
  • depression
  • skin lesions, rashes
  • decrease in sex drive
  • increase in blood pressure.
  • blood clots

The above-mentioned side effects occur very rarely, but if you experience any alarming symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor who will inform you how to proceed.

Can I buy TriNovum contraceptive pills online?

TriNovum birth control pills can be purchased online through our website. When ordering, you are required to fill out the medical consultation form which is the basis for the issuance and fulfilment of your prescription. The consultation will allow our doctors to assess whether the use of TriNovum contraception pills will be safe for you. If the doctor does not find any contraindications, they will write a prescription which will be then forwarded to fulfilment, and the product ordered will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours in discreet packaging.