Qlaira contraceptive pill is a two-component formulation containing estradiol valerate and dienogest.

Taking Qlaira contraceptive pills not only guarantees the desired level of contraception, but also does not cause many side effects that may occur when taking other birth control pills.

Why are Qlaira contraceptive pills such an interesting option?

There are not many formulations on the market whose contraceptive effectiveness is comparable to Qlaira. These pills have been designed not only for women who want to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy, but also those suffering from heavy and painful menstrual bleeding, as well as endometriosis. Tested conducted on a group of 250 patients have proved the high efficacy of this treatment in the fight against painful endometriosis.

How do Qlaira birth control pills work?

The way Qlaira pills work does not differ significantly from the action of other hormonal contraceptives, because the main concept remains the same – the only difference lies in the means that help to achieve the objective of reversible infertility.

In the female body, the hormone levels change in the course of the ovulation cycle. The activity of female sex hormones is supposed to lead to ovulation and prepare the uterus for the implantation of a fertilised ovum. Delivering hormones by means of Qlaira contraceptive pills misleads the body into “thinking” that ovulation is taking place, and thus there is no release of an egg into the ovaries. The hormones also change the properties of the cervical mucus, which becomes thick and difficult for sperm to penetrate. This is how Qlaira and other contraceptive pills available on our website work.

Who can take Qlaira contraceptive pills?

Qlaira contraceptive pills can be used by women who are at least 18 years, and are not allergic to any of the active ingredients. In addition to its contraceptive function, Qlaira is often prescribed for patients diagnosed with endometriosis. It has been shown that the hormones contained in Qlaira pills are well-tolerated by female bodies, and the treatment brings the desired therapeutic effects.

How should Qlaira contraceptive pills be used?

Unlike most commercially available contraceptive pills, using Qlaira does not require of you to have a seven-day break from using the treatment.

The pills should therefore be taken daily for 28 consecutive days, and after one package ends, you should immediately start the next one. This innovative way of taking hormones takes into account the natural fluctuations in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone during the ovulation cycle, and therefore it does not cause drastic changes in the content of hormones, which makes it one of the most natural means of contraception. No interruption in its use also means a lack of withdrawal reactions.

Each blister pack of Qlaira contains four types of pills with different amounts of hormones, which form a sort of easy-to-use calendar. Each cycle consists of tablets of different colours, which must be taken consecutively every day:

  • 2 dark yellow tablets containing 3 mg of estradiol
  • 5 bright red tablets containing 2 mg of estradiol and 2 mg of dienogest
  • 17 light yellow pills containing 2 mg of estradiol and 2 mg of dienogest
  • 2 dark red tablets containing 1 mg of estradiol
  • 2 white pills containing no hormones – placebo

Bleeding associated with a decrease in hormone levels usually begins after taking the second dark red pill, or in the course of taking white tablets, and it may last until the beginning of the next package. In some patients, the bleeding persists even after the adoption of the first tablets from a new package.

Do Qlaira contraceptive pills cause any side effects?

Qlaira may cause side effects, but they do not necessarily have to affect every person using this treatment. The most common side effects include abdominal pain and headaches, vomiting, acne, and breast tenderness. These symptoms occur in less than 1% of the patients, so Qlaira should be considered a relatively safe product. Other ailments resulting from the use of Qlaira appear extremely rarely and are usually the result of being allergic to some of the ingredients of the pills.

Can I buy Qlaira contraceptive pills online?

If you would like to buy Qlaira pills online, you can do so through our website. After completing the form which is an equivalent for a medical consultation, our doctor will check if there are no contraindications to your use of Qlaira. The ordered treatment will be delivered to you by courier at our expense.