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Brevinor dual-ingredient contraceptive pills contain a constant amount of hormones in every pill.  When using properly, Brevinor pills guarantee almost a 100% protection against unplanned pregnancy, because the hormones they contain inhibit the ovulation and change the cervical mucus’ features, thus inhibiting the spermatozoa penetration into female reproductive tract.

  • Brevinor contraceptive pills are also available under a brand name Binovum
  • Brevinor has a 3-way action which guarantees a high protection level against fertilization
  • Brevinor pills regulate the menstrual course and lessen the associated nuisance
  • Brevinor contains synthetic hormones: 500 mcg norethisterone and ethinyl estradiol 35 mcg


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What are the benefits of using Brevinor?

Brevinor pills are used mostly as a treatment to prevent unplanned pregnancies, but doctors very often prescribe this drug in cases of women who complain of irregular or painful menstruations. The synthetic hormones (norethisterone and ethinyl estradiol) included in the pills have a much stronger action compared to usual female hormones’ counterparts. Thanks to that, this single-ingredient pills is not worse than popular dual-ingredient pills. Moreover, these hormones are highly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract which significantly decreases the risk of potential side effects.

What is the action of Brevinor contraceptive pills?

Brevinor pills contain a constant dose of hormones. The action of the product is based on natural hormonal changes taking place during the menstrual cycle. Over the course of consecutive days of the cycle, hormone levels change in order to prepare the body to free the egg cell. They also lead to uterus’ mucosa changes in case of fertilization – which makes the implantation and further embryo development easier.
The use of contraceptive pills actually deceives the organism as it receives the signal of non-existent ovulation. This stops the release of the egg – it is the first defense line against unwanted pregnancy. The hormones supplied to the organism also thicken the cervical mucus which makes it harder for the protozoa to reach the egg. Synthetic hormones also lead to changes in the endometrium which significantly decreases the chances of implantation. Having considered the argument just listed, you can say that the use of Brevinor pills protects against pregnancy through three ways.
The use of contraceptive pills also makes the menstruations more bearable, less painful and more regular.

Who can use Brevinor pills?

Brevinor single-ingredient hormonal pills are usually recommended to women who have not used contraceptive pills before. The low dose of synthetic hormones limits the risk of experiencing side effects. Women who use Brevinor usually notice positive effects of using the pills which – apart from efficient protection from pregnancies – also provide an improvement in the quality of complexion and much less frequent PMS-related mood swings.

Who should not used Brevinor?

The use of hormonal pills is usually a safe form of contraception, but there are cases when buying Brevinor on the Internet is impossible. Listed below are contraindications to taking Brevinor.

Brevinor pills should not be taken by women:

  • older than 35 years
  • whose parents or siblings had a thrombus-related stroke or a heart infarction before 45
  • who have family history of thrombo-embolic disease, such as deep vein thrombosis (of the legs) or pulmonary embolism
  • obese
  • smokers
  • diabetics
  • suffering from hypertension
  • using wheelchairs
  • suffering from varices
  • suffering from sickle cell anemia
  • those who experienced skin changes during pregnancy (mask of pregnancy). In such cases you have to avoid direct exposition to sunlight or UV radiation during the course of therapy.

The limitations listed above may not include all the contraindications described by the producer. Having concerned that, if you have any suspicions that the pills may cause any side effects, please write about it in our medical consultation form.

How should you use Brevinor pills?

Brevinor contraceptive pills provide the highest level of protection against pregnancy only if taken on regular basis.
The use of Brevinor pills may be began on a random menstrual cycle day. However, the first day of the period is the best time to start your contraceptive therapy. On that day the protection against pregnancy will occur immediately and there is no need to use additional forms of contraception.

Many women wonder what should be done in case of forgetting about taking the pill. We described below the producer’s recommendations regarding this kind of situation.

In case of omitting about a single Brevinor pill
If you happen to forget about the pill or will not be able to take it for some reason, you should take the omitted dose as soon as possible and then continue the treatment according to your usual schedule. The contraceptive effect will still be present after omitting a single a pill and there is no need to use additional means of contraception.

In cases of omitting two or more Brevinor pills
If you happen to omit two or more Brevinor contraceptive pills, you should be aware that the protection against pregnancy will not be as effective. You and your partner should use additional contraceptives. In order to regain the sufficient contraception level, you should take the last pill as soon as possible and then continue taking the treatment according to your usual schedule. The contraceptive effect and protection against pregnancy should come back to satisfactoy state after a week from the beginning of regular pills’ use.
If you have unprotected sex during the period of decreased contraception, it might be necessary to use emergency ‘morning-after’ pills. If you suspect that fertilization may have taken place, please consult a physician who will prescribe you appropriate type of emergency pills.
If you omitted more than two pills and the packet has less than seven pills left, you should finish using the said packet and then start a new one without a seven-day break.

If you have any doubts regarding the omission of a pill, please contact us using the consultation form or call our help center. We will be grateful for any opportunities to help you by answering your questions.

Does use of Brevinor pills cause any side effects?

The use of hormonal prescription drugs poses a risk of experiencing side effects. Listed below are the most common side effects patients complain of. However, it does not mean that any of these side effects will appear in every person who uses contraceptive pills.

During the use of Brevinor contraceptive pills, there is a chance of experiencing side effects such as:

  • nausea or vomiting
  • headaches
  • breast tenderness
  • body weight changes
  • candidiasis
  • changes in menstrual bleeding
  • depression
  • skin changes, rashes
  • decreased libido
  • increase of blood pressure
  • thrombi forming in blood vessels

The side effects listed above appear very rarely, but their occurrence should be treated as a warning signal. This should convince you to visit a doctor who will make an appropriate decision regarding future actions.

Can you buy Brevinor (Binovum) over the Internet?

Brevinor contraceptive pills can be bought on the Internet using our website. Upon placing an order, please fill in a medical consultation form which will be sent to one of our doctors to assess. If the doctor will not find any contraindications, a prescription will be written and then sent to execution. The ordered product will be delivered by a courier within 24-48 hours, using a discreet package.