Contraceptive Pill (the pill)

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The history of contraceptive pill began in 1940s when it was discovered that progesterone injections effectively inhibit the ovulation in laboratory animals. However, additional 20 years had to pass before synthetic hormones became widely available for the mass society.

Available contraceptive pills usually contain synthetic sex hormones and use the so-called 4th generation progesterone – which stresses how advanced the contraceptive branch of pharmaceutical industry really is. Modern contraceptive pills guarantee almost 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, if used properly. The also create a minimal risk of side effects.

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Zoely - without prescription

Zoely hormonal contraceptive pills are the first singe-ingredient pills which contain natural estrogen. Before introduction of Zoely pills, only Qlaira pills included a similar solution. However, these were not single-phase and required much bigger self-control and taking care of proper dosage. Zoely pills are an everyday solution for all women who value safety of use, apart from effectiveness.

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Brevinor - without prescription

Brevinor hormonal pills are a remarkably effective contraceptive. The low amount of active hormones do not cause negative side effects and makes Brevinor a medication which is prescribed in cases of young women having specific hormonal dysfunctions during their puberty, such as facial hairiness and acne. The use of Brevinor modern contraceptive pills – also present under a brand name Binovum – is characterized by a minimal risk of thrombosis (blood clots’ forming) – which is a case in some older generation types of pills.

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Logynon - without prescription

Logynon contraceptive is a modern form of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Its tri-phase ingredients provide the highest protection level with the minimal risk of side effects. Furthermore, administering Logynon pills eases the symptoms of pre-mentrual syndrome (PMS), dysphoric states and efficiently treats the symptoms of endometriosis.

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Ovranette - without prescription

Ovranette dual-ingredient contraceptives contain a remarkably effective set of hormones. Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel found in Ovranette contribute to the fact these are one of the most frequently prescribed contraceptives.

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Qlaira - without prescription

Qlaira is a new form of contraceptive which uses estradiol valerate and dienogest. The first one is used as a synthetic estrogen. Qlaira has an advantage over ordinary contraceptive pills – it decreases the pain experienced during menstruation. A single packet contains 28 pills of varied doses. An additional advantage: Qlaira poses a low side-effect risk.

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TriNovum - without prescription

Trivonum contraceptive pills are a tri-phase solution which provides the highest level of protection against unwanted pregnancy. The hormone set found in Trivonum imitates the cyclic hormonal changes in female body. The remarkably low risk of side effects is an unquestionable advantage of Trionum pills. Trivonum does not decrease libido which makes it popular among women who experienced such disturbances with other hormonal therapies.

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Yasmin - without prescription

Yasmin is a dual-ingredient COCP one-phase contraceptive pill. It has to be taken for 21 days with a one week intermission during menstruation (the body remains protected against unwanted pregnancy!)
Many pills result in weight increase, but Yasmin is one of the few exceptions – which contributes to its constantly rising popularity. It also improves the general look of skin and hair.

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Cilest - without prescription

Cilest is one of the more popular contraceptive pills – a COCP pill which prevents unwanted pregnancies. It contains ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate. The pill is a single-phase – it have to be taken over the course of 21 days with a one week intermission during the period. The organism remains protected during the period.

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Dianette - without prescription

Dianette is a dual-ingredient, oral contraceptive which is popular due to the fact it is often prescribed in order to fight acne and excessive hair growth. It contains cyproteron acetate and ethinyl estradiol. A packet contains 21 contraceptive pills, after taking these there should be a 7-day intermission period during which the body remains protected.

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Femodene - without prescription

Femodene is a dual-ingredient COCP contraceptive which is also prescribed to treat skin conditions, such as acne and also polycystic ovary syndrome and excessive hairiness. It does not cause bleeding in between periods, it decreases the pain associate with menstruation and eases the PMS’ symptoms.

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Loestrin - without prescription

Loestrin is dual-ingredient contraceptive, used in a form of a pill which is available in two doses: Loestrin 20 and Loestrin 30. It contains ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone. The numbers 20 and 30 designate different doses of amounts of active substance in different doses. This allows women to pick a dose that would be appropriate for their organism. The pill is a single-phase – taken over a course of 21 days, which should be followed by a one-week intermission. The body is fully protected against unwanted pregnancy during the fourth week.

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Marvelon - without prescription

Marvelon is a popular dual-ingredient COCP contraceptive, well-tolerated by female body. The pill contains ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel. Contraceptive pills are single-phase, which means they have to be taken for 21 days in the cycle with a one-week intermission after that. The organism remains protected by Marvelon durin the menstruation.

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Mercilon - without prescription

Mercilon is often used with Marvelon interchangeably, thanks to their similar ingredients. Mercilon contains ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel. It is a dual-ingredient COCP pill with a single-phase action. It has to be taken for 21 days of the cycle, after which there is a one-week intermission. The body remains protected against unwanted pregnancies durin the fourth week of the cycle.

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Microgynon - without prescription

Microgynon is the most often prescribed contraceptive pill in Europe. It contains ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. This contraceptive is a dual-ingredient COCP pill with a single-phase action. A packet contains 21 pills for 21 days of the cycle – after which there is a one week of intermission when menstruation takes place. One should notice that the body is remains protected against unwanted pregnancies during the intermission.

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What is the function of contraceptive pills?

Contraceptive pills are complex pharmaceutical substances which usually contain a combination of two hormones – estrogen and progestogen. The used nomenclature related to used hormones might be different, but their rule of functioning is the same. Application of synthetic hormones is done in order to change the conditions in the reproductive system to make the fertilization virtually impossible.

It is no secret these days that during the menstruation cycle there are many changes taking place in the female body. This leads to the release of the egg (ovulation) and prepares endometrium of the uterus to allow implantation of the fertilized egg cell. The cervical mucus becomes less dense at the same time which makes it easier for the spermatozoa to penetrate deep into the womb.

Supplying the organism with synthetical hormones allows to keep the hormone level stable which prevents the ovulation (estrogens) and prevents changes taking place in the endometrium. What is more, it makes the cervical mucus more dense, so it will not allow the spermatozoa to pass through (progestogen).

What are the advantages of using contraceptive pills?

Contraceptive pills are used not only as an effective protection against unwanted pregnancy, but are also prescribed as a medication to alleviate the symptoms of PMS, menstruation and endometriosis. The majority of available contraceptive pills guarantees effectiveness of around 99% which makes the sexual life a lot more comfortable. Hormonal pills are also helpful when dealing with troublesome symptoms of acne, eccessive hairiness and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Clinical tests have proven that women who take contraceptive pills regularly over the course of many years have a lower risk of cervical, breast and ovary cancers. Our website offers both dual-ingredient (combined) an single-ingredient (progestogen-only) pills. The main differences between them are the hormones they contain (such as estrogen and progesterone) and the way of administering the drug. Combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) takes note of hormone changes experienced by female body and because of that different pills contain a varied amount of hormones, to be taken over the course of 21 days, after which a 7-day intermission is required. Single-ingredient progestogen-only pills contain a constant dose of hormones, which means they have to be taken daily, even during a period.

What are the disadvantages of using contraceptive pills?

Synthetic estrogen found in contraceptive pills may be responsible for unexpected side effects which mostly include nausea, unexpected bleeding between menstruation and breast tenderness.

In case of certain women groups application of hormonal pills may lead to thrombosis. This is why it is so important to fill out our consultation form before placing an order. This will allow our doctors to prescribe a product which is not going to cause serious side effects.

Application of contraceptive pills is also not recommended in cases of using certain groups of medications, because there may occur interactions between active substances. This may lead to undesirable side effects or may affect the contraceptive action of the pills.

What are the types of contraceptive pills?

There are 30 kinds of hormonal contraceptive pills available in the distribution. This variety is related mainly to the fact that these products may be categorized depending on their amount of hormones. There are single- and multi-ingredient pills. Singe-ingredient pills contain a constant amount of hormones in every pill and are usually prescribed for women who have not used any hormonal pills before. The pill function is based on changing the features of cervical mucus which makes it more difficult for spermatozoa to penetrate into the female reproductive system.

The small amount of hormones in singe-ingredient pills also inhibits ovulation, but only in 70% of women. Because of that, these pills are significantly less effective than dual-ingredient pills. In case of fertilization, the hormones used in the pills make the implantation of the fertilized egg more difficult. This prevents the further advance of pregnancy.

Combined contraceptive pills contain varied doses of hormones which is usually indicated by color marker. The hormones used in multi-ingredient pills lead to more significant changes in female body, because they were developed with the natural hormonal changes in mind. The use of multi-ingredient contraceptive pills inhibits the release of FSH hormone which prevents Graff’s follicles from maturation and thus it also prevents the maturation of egg cells. Hormones also prevent ovulation (the release of egg cell), they change the contents of cervical mucus and prevent the implantation of fertilized egg. Multi-ingredient contraceptive pills are characterized by almost 100% effectiveness in protections against unplanned pregnancy.

Is it possible for every woman to use hormonal pills?

Generally speaking, all women who reached legal maturity age can order contraceptive pills using our website. However, they are required to fill in a medical consultation form upon ordering, as there is a list of contraindications when it comes to the use of pills in certain medical conditions.

Contraceptive pills should not be used by smokers, women suffering from obesity, hypertension or who have a family history of thrombosis. In cases of women who suffer from the conditions listed above, a physician may prescribe a so-called ‘mini-pills’ which contain only progestogen.

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