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Evra Patch
Evra Patch
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Evra transdermal contraceptive patch is an alternative to one-or two-ingredient contraceptive pills. The most significant advantage of Evra patches is comfort in usage. The hormones included in the patch are progressively delivered across the skin and absorbed, which reduces the risk of possible side effects due to sudden change in the level of hormones.

Evra Patch

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What are the main benefits of Evra patches?

According to Pearl indicators, which specify the effectiveness of contraceptive means, the pregnancy prevention rate of Evra patches stands at 97% when used as ordered. This proves that they are as effective as contraceptive pills. The most significant difference and advantage at the same time is that a woman does not need to remember about taking another pill. Once you place the patch you may forget about it for a week. Moreover, as the contained in it hormones are absorbed through skin you avoid gastric issues occurring when taking pills.

What is the risk associated with Evra patches?

Contraceptive patches are often referred to as skin contraceptives, and therefore long-term usage may lead to similar side effects to the regular oral hormonal contraceptives. The most serious risk associated with Evra patch is the vein thrombosis. Although the number of such cases is yet unknown, every woman should be aware of such risk. It is probably the estrogen contained in the Eva patches which is responsible for vein thrombosis. If there is any history of blood clots in your family, you should inform a specialist about it. There might be also some skin symptoms connected with using the contraceptive patches. A patch may also fall off, which may slip your attention and lead to ineffective pregnancy prevention.

How to use Evra patches?

Evra is an adhesive skin patch, which should be placed onto the dry, hairless skin, however not on breasts. The patch delivers hormones for a week, after which it must be replaced with a new one. The process should continue for the next three weeks, after which there is a one week interval, during which there will probably be a menstrual bleeding. After the break the process is resumed to keep the pregnancy prevention.

Do Evra patches have any adverse effects?

There is always a risk of adverse effects regardless of the kind of treatment, especially when the medications influence the natural hormonal cycle. The most common side effects of Evra patches include as follows:

  • breast tenderness
  • headaches
  • influenza like symptoms
  • nausea
  • migraine

In most of cases, though, the symptoms are mild and temporal. For a full list of possible side effects, please refer to the enclosed medicine leaflet. If any alarming and untypical symptom should occur, consult the specialist or pharmacist at once to find out whether it is still safe for you to use Evra patches.

Are Evra patches really an effective form of pregnancy prevention?

So far only in 1% of cases Evra patches were proven to be ineffective, which was always connected to a patient’s forgetting to replace the old patch, or not noticing that it fell off. Also, it is more probable for a woman to get pregnant while using the Evra patches when she is overweight, in which case she should not consider this form of pregnancy prevention at all.

Can I purchase Evra patches online?

If you wish to make an order for Evra contraceptive patches online from our site, please first fill in the form, so that our doctor may decide whether there are no risks preventing you from using the patches.

Our doctor will write a prescription for patients who are already using or used at Evra at some point as well, if they provide documented indications of their former gynaecologist.