Contraceptive Patch

Evra contraceptive patches are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to contraceptive pills taken orally. Comfort is an unquestionable benefit of using this kind of contraception.

The hormones in the patch are successively released and then absorbed into the organism by the skin which decreases the risk of experiencing side effects as a result of rapid changes in hormone levels.

Contraception patch is becoming a more popular kind of contraception which is an alternative to the contraception pills. Its action is very similar to pills and actually there is no major difference between them. Some women prefer patches, because it is hard to ‘forget’ about taking them. Some users consider them less troublesome.

Contraceptive patch’s action is as effective as the pills’ with a difference being the fact that a patch is used only once a week. This use allows a constant dose of hormones to be released into the blood which decreases the risk of negative side effects related to periodical mood swings. All these features make the patches comfortable to use.

evra patch

Evra Patch - without prescription

Evra transdermal contraceptive patch is an alternative to one-or two-ingredient contraceptive pills. The most significant advantage of Evra patches is comfort in usage. The hormones included in the patch are progressively delivered across the skin and absorbed, which reduces the risk of possible side effects due to sudden change in the level of hormones.

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What are the main benefits of using Evra patches

Pearl’s indicators – used to describe the effectiveness of the contraception – confirm that Evra contraceptive patches are about 97% effective if used with accordance to producer’s recommendations. It is surely a feature that makes the contraceptive patches equally efficient as orally-taken contraceptive pills. The main benefit of contraceptive patches is the fact that you no longer have to memorize when to take another pill. Sticking a patch means you can forget about its existence for a whole week. And because the hormones released by Evra patches are absorbed through the skin, you will surely avoid the symptoms of pills affecting your stomach!

Is there any risk related to the use of Evra patches?

Contraceptive patches can be considered as a dermal type of contraceptive method and because of that, their long-term use may cause side effects similar to classic hormonal pills taken orally. Thrombosis is the biggest risk related to the use of patches. Although the number of confirmed cases remains unknown, every patient who decided to use contraceptive patches should be aware of this danger. It is probably the estrogen found in the patches that is responsible for thrombosis. If there is a family history of thrombosis-related illnesses in your family, you should notify your physician about it. In some cases there may occur skin symptoms related to the use of patches. The patch can also peel off which may be unnoticed and will make the contraception method ineffective.

How should you use Evra contraceptive patches?

Evra is a self-adhesive patch which should be placed on dry, clean skin surface without any hair, but not on breasts. The patch releases hormones over a week and after that time it should be switched with a new one. The patches should be used for three consecutive weeks and then make a one-week break during which menstruation bleeding should occur. After this period, another patch should be placed in order to maintain the continuity of contraception.

Are there any side effects caused by Evra patches?

Of course every medication causes more or less noticeable side effects, because all in all this is an interference in a natural hormonal cycle. The most common side effects of Evra patches include:

  • breast tenderness
  • headaches
  • flu-like symptoms
  • nausea
  • migraine

In most cases side effects are mild and temporary. The full list of side effect can be found in the medication’s leaflet. In case of any atypical symptoms you should immediately contact your physician or pharmacist who will decide whether it is safe for you to use contraceptive patches.

Are Evra patches really effective?

The use of Evra patches has been proven ineffective in 1% of cases which was rather related to the fact that a patient forgot to change the patch or did not notice that it peeled off.

Becoming pregnant is most likely in cases of overweight women. If you are overweight, you should not consider this form of contraception at all.

Can I buy Evra contraceptive patches online?

If you would like to buy Evra contraceptive patches online, you can do so using our website. First, you need to fill in a form which includes information helping our doctor decide whether using Evra patches in your case will not cause any side effects. Our doctor can prescribe the medication and transfer it into processing in cases of patient who use or have used Evra patches in the past and in cases of documented recommendation – written by an obstetrician.