Effective contraception can help prevent pregnancy and enjoy good sex life. Birth control has long been linked with a special hormonal treatment, which over the last 30 years has undergone significant transformation. Nowadays, we have a chance to use the so-called fourth generation contraceptives which are divided into the following types: two-component birth control pills, hormonal patches, mini-pills, and vaginal rings.


Contraceptive Patch

In recent years, contraceptive patches have become one of the most popular birth control methods. They are very popular due to fact of how easy it is to use them. The patches are a direct alternative to birth control pills. They contain exactly the same amount of oestrogen and progestogen as pills. This solution is very similar to taking pills, but some women find having to swallow pills inconvenient. The risk of adverse reactions to fourth generation patches has been reduced to a minimum.

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Contraceptive Ring

Another alternative is the latest method of contraception used by many women who want to prevent unwanted pregnancy. During the whole cycle you are supposed to use one ring, which remains active for three weeks, and after that you should take a one-week break from using it. The ring contains synthetic oestrogen and progestin steadily released into the body, thus providing protection against pregnancy.

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The mini-pill is a product containing only synthetic progestin. It is mostly used by female smokers, or women over 35 years of age. The reason for this is that according to statistics such women generally should not use standard birth control pills, because of their high oestrogen content. For the same reason (low dose of oestrogen), the mini-pill causes fewer side effects. It is used for the full 28 days of the cycle.

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Morning After Pill

When the condom breaks, or another form of contraception was not used, the morning-after contraception may be considered. If necessary, we can recommend suitable morning-after pills, which can be purchased through our website. This form of contraception is obviously a last resort, but it is worth a try if you want to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

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Why are there so many different types of contraception?

Every woman has a different body which requires different, individually tailored methods to prevent pregnancy.

So far, birth control pills and mini-pills have been the most popular form of contraception, but according to recent studies, more and more women are reaching for other alternative methods such as patches or rings, which – until recently – were characterised by the highest effectiveness reaching nearly 100%.

Our website offers the most often purchased and most renowned products for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy which can be bought in Europe.

We have added the morning-after pills to our offer of contraceptive measures.

In order to purchase any of the products we offer, simply fill out the form which serves the function of an online medical consultation with one of our practitioners. The expert takes into account your medical history, and either approves of the purchase, or recommends another contraceptive.

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